Who is better in art than Ma Sanli and Hou Baolin? Maggie gives her evaluation and the answer is clear at a glance

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Since the release of media qualification ,“ The master ” It's springing up one after another , Traditional industries, especially crosstalk, are the hardest hit areas . It's easy to tell the difference between true and false masters : Before or after death .

The only recognized masters in crosstalk are 4 position : Zhang Shouchen before liberation , Ma Sanli after Liberation 、 Hou Baolin 、 Liu Baorui .

Ma Sanli 、 Hou Baolin is a master recognized at the national level , Bang for the buck , Worthy of the name . In the past, these two names have always appeared , It must be accompanied by a four character idiom : mount taishan and the north star . This is the strength and status of the two masters .

Because they always keep pace , Pairs appear , therefore 2 There will inevitably be comparisons between people . Crosstalk fans have been arguing about a problem for decades : Ma Sanli and Hou Baolin on Art , Who is the better ?

This topic is sensitive , No one dares to make a positive comparison . The practice in the industry is to pick it up and say , The mention of Ma Sanli is unprecedented , Mention Hou Baolin is unique .

The outsider is also very smooth . Xue Baokun, a quyi critic, commented on Hou Ma , Said Hou Baolin is the representative of ya , Turn the tide over , Help the building to fall , Ma Sanli is “ custom ” The representative of the , From vulgarity to elegance , The depiction of human nature is deep and realistic . It seems that Xue Baokun is also making peace , Try to maintain their balance .

actually , It's not like that .

Xue Baokun has commented on them many times , There are many text and video versions . Careful analysis of these data will find that , Xue Baokun always focuses on “ contribution ”, Especially focus on crosstalk improvement 、 Talk about entering the house ; When evaluating Ma Sanli, he focuses more on Art , Analyze the beauty of Ma Lao's art . in other words , As far as art is concerned, Xue Baokun's tendency is obvious .

This is by no means the author's conjecture , Xue Baokun has another sentence to prove his point : Crosstalk is Ma Sanli , Ma Sanli is crosstalk .

Hou Baolin himself highly recognizes Ma Sanli's art , No one in the crosstalk world is satisfied , Just take Ma Sanli . Hou Baolin is good at Liu Huo , Watched a performance by Ma Sanli 《 Yellow Crane Tower 》 Placed malicious words : This paragraph will not be played in the future ! Why? ? I think I can't surpass Ma Sanli .

The masters cherish each other , Ma Sanli did not hesitate to let . When Ma was young, he also made Liu live , After watching Hou Baolin's performance, I felt ashamed , I don't sing much anymore .

Most qualified evaluation 2 Man's is Maggie .

Maggie is very special , Artistic talent is rare in the world . If you had a baby earlier 20 Coming year , Ma Ji's position may not be lower than Hou Baolin , At least not lower than Liu Baorui .

Ma Jiqiang is strong in his “ The universal ”. Can create , It's written 《 Cosmic cigarettes 》《 Facial features compete for merit 》《 Multi storey Hotel 》 Wait for the classic piece ; Can perform , The active period is recognized as the authority of crosstalk art performance , One of ; Can train disciples , Taught Zhao Yan 、 Feng Gong 、 Jiang Kun 、 Wang Qianxiang, Li zengrui and others are the mainstays of crosstalk . It can be said that Maji is the of crosstalk “ Hexagon warrior ”, Just like Zhang Yining in Table Tennis .

Maggie's only stain , Just came up with “ Eulogy ” Cross talk , Let crosstalk go 10 Years of detours , It has caused huge losses to the industry . This need not be taboo , Wrong is wrong . There are also signs of reflection in Maji's later years , The works launched are mainly satirical .

Whether it's artistic talent or industry status , Maji is the most qualified person to evaluate the second old man .2003 Mr. Ma Sanli died of illness in , Maggie was right 2 People have made public comments , Which is higher or lower is clear at a glance .

Ma Ji commented on Ma Sanli :

Mr. Ma has reached the level of perfection in the expression of crosstalk art , The performance entered the kingdom of freedom , You can deal with all unexpected things on the stage ;

Ma Sanli is an orthodox crosstalk art , Pay attention to hard kung fu , Mature and experienced in mastering crosstalk skills .

Ma Ji commented on Hou Baolin : Mr. Hou pursues new things because of the changes of the times , Be innovative .

Ma Sanli is full of hard kung fu , Hou Baolin to “ new ” To win , In fact, this has been distinguished . Maggie is knowledgeable , His evaluation can basically make a final conclusion for the second old man .

Of course , The most profound memory of crosstalk fans is Ma Sanli's farewell performance , The one Maggie sent 8 A word :

Maji is Hou Baolin's Apprentice , Openly give such a shocking evaluation , It can be seen how amazing Ma Sanli's artistic charm is .

In the final analysis, art is art , Art is pure , Is naturally far from positive . Once art is in touch with positive values, it will emit an infinite stench , Make the whole industry a mess , There are a lot of chaos . At this point , Ma Sanli is much taller than Hou Baolin .

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