Some interesting words: don't pay too much attention to children's test scores (20210617)

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Read idle books , Look at WeChat , I often see some interesting words . Some celebrities say , Some don't know who said it , Some very positive energy , Some energy is not necessarily positive , But after reading it , Can cause some thinking .

Excerpt , Sent to the personal WeChat official account. , Keep it for yourself , Share with everyone .

The following words are sent to 2021 year 6 month 17 Japan , From the Internet , Said Herbert · Spencer's words .

I suggest all parents , Don't value your child's test scores too much , Although it is a fact that cannot be changed for the time being , Instead, we should pay more attention to children's thinking ability 、 Learning methods , Try to keep your child's most valuable interests and equally valuable curiosity . Don't judge a child by score 、 Good or bad , And don't be proud of it . Tell the child , A score is like a test of a game , If you want to get high marks , It's simple , Just be familiar with the rules of the game .

—— Herbert, British educator and philosopher · spencer

I haven't heard of Herbert before · The name Spencer , Baidu for a while , I found that he was a great man , Successively won the English 、 Law 、 Beauty, etc 11 A country ,32 Academician of an academic institution 、 Doctor and other honorary titles , Nominated for the Nobel Prize in literature , He is a famous philosopher in England 、 sociologist 、 educators , Or what “ Father of social Darwinism ”, It sounds complicated .

It's said that guys hate Plato , Once said “ Even third rate novelists , Will be better than him ( Refers to Plato ) strong ”, Dare you say that , It's not the average person .

Man, it's like a celibate , Never married . It is said that once I met two friends on the road . A friend asked him :“ Don't you regret your celibacy ?” The man replied happily :“ People should be satisfied with their decisions . I am satisfied with my decision . I often comfort myself like this : Somewhere in the world there is a woman , I got happiness because I didn't be my wife .”

Very personality .

I'm interested , Yes, man, an educator . Herbert · Spencer came from an educational family , His grandfather 、 His father 、 His uncles are all educators ( Baidu said ). He wrote a Book , Name is 《 Educational theory : Intellectual education 、 Moral education and physical education 》, It's his masterpiece , It is regarded as one of the most important educational masterpieces in the English world .

Many people are now called educators , It feels like Herbert · Spencer is more famous as an educator , Of course, it feels .

Not Herbert · Spencer's gossip , I don't understand , No one is willing to listen , Say the above sentence .

Considering the reality we face , Reading this sentence, I feel I should consider three meanings , Of course , Not necessarily Herbert · Spencer's original intention .

First, don't pay too much attention to children's test scores , Just focus on the child's test results . Scores really don't say anything , The child did well in the exam , Don't dance , smug ; The child didn't do well in the exam , And don't yell at the children with a red face , It's not interesting , It's useless .

Even if you don't study well , It's no big deal , It's impossible for all children to study for a doctor .

Second, we must pay attention to children's academic achievements . After all, I have to take an exam in college now , After all, people don't want you in college because of the lack of test scores , After all, a good university is good for future development . We still need to find ways to help children improve their test scores .

How to help children improve their grades , It should be like Herbert · As Spencer said , Focus on children's thinking ability 、 In terms of learning methods , Try to keep your child's most valuable interests and equally valuable curiosity . Help children develop good study habits , Find the fun of learning , Enhance learning ability . This is the right way to solve the problem .

The third is to help children build confidence . Educate children to strategically despise learning , Pay attention to learning in tactics , It's not that hard to improve your grades , If you do it right , The results will certainly go up .

It's not so easy to do this well , Good communication and dialogue channels must be established with children . Many parents don't do well in this regard , I lack research on learning problems , It's hard to give children the right guidance ; Didn't grab it from the doll , Children don't recognize the authority of parents' school guidance .

Guidance helps children learn , It's actually a very difficult thing .

In a word, don't pay too much attention to children's test scores , Can't cure parents' headache and anxiety .

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