Central China drama announced that the performance of "dream like dream" was cancelled! Xiao Zhan studio pacifies fans

Tencent Entertainment 2021-11-25 16:56:52

11 month 8 Japan , The official announcement of CCTV drama : Due to the recent repeated epidemic , In order to protect the health and safety of the audience and actors , According to the relevant requirements of the epidemic prevention and control mechanism , Decision to cancel 《 Like a dream 》11 month 26 Japan -28 Performance at Henan Art Center on the th .

《 Like a dream 》 Nine city tour plan , It has been interrupted three times this year , Either cancel or postpone , All because of the epidemic . The first time is Changsha station , The second time is Shenzhen station , The third Zhengzhou station . But it's done 18 A high-quality performance , Each scene impressed the audience , Mixed feelings .

So , Xiao Zhan studio specially sent a document to appease fans :“ Winter is coming , During the epidemic , I hope you take protective measures , No, the show 、 Don't pile up , Be sure to keep warm , Health is the most important thing . Look forward to peace and dream together .” Thought for a long time , Many fans expressed regret .

“ I can especially understand that I can't see anyone , The mood of not seeing the play ! Think of the original , Xiao Zhan is coming to Chengdu , I've been excited for a long time . I found many friends to buy tickets, but I didn't get them , I was confused at that time , Mingming theater is not far from the door , But no tickets ! Lost for a long time .” But in fact, you can understand , The cancellation is to meet everyone in a safer situation .

It has cooled and snowed these two days , Yida released Xiao Zhan's advertisement shooting gags . The first snow in the palm of my hand , A casual smile , Xiao Zhan's red scarf , And the little snowman in the snow , The picture should not be too warm . Brand Ba has also launched winter blockbusters in many core business districts , Special favorite spokesperson .

Another brand, German shuangliren, is in Sanlitun, Beijing , Arranged Xiao Zhan's Pink pastoral blockbuster .“ My spokesman is so handsome , Of course 360 Immersive delivery !” There is one saying. , Xiao Zhan is really a clothes rack , Pink clothes can also wear a clean and refreshing , Who can not love such a charming war ?

Mosen glasses are not willing to show weakness , Released the latest notice , Xiao Zhan's winter day will be announced soon “ new ” one side . Xiao Zhan with glasses ,“ Domineering face ”、“ Gentle face ”, The look , Shaped many faces . Although Xiao Zhan hasn't had any public itinerary recently , But it's business season , near 20 Several brands release new materials of spokesmen from time to time , You can feast your eyes every day !

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