Weng Meiling: Huang Rong's classic performer, you always smile, but you can see sadness in your eyes

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Weng Meiling : Huang Rong's classic performer , You always smile , But you can see sadness in your eyes

author : Shan Jia


once , Obsessed with master Jin Yong's martial arts novels , In summer vacation , Holding his works every day, I shuttle through the light and shadow of the sword .

Among the many beautiful female owners , My favorite is still Huang Rong , It can't be denied that because of Weng Meiling's interpretation , Let huangrong become an eternal classic ……

It is rumored that the TV series 《 The Legend of The Condor Heroes 》 remake , Huang Rong auditioned to the society . In the competition of many famous stars , Weng Meiling's advantages are not outstanding , How to stand out , This is a problem .

In the last round of mirror test , Weng put on a costume , Holding a willow branch , With a sharp free and easy rollover , Fall in front of Jin Yong , Bow your hands :“ Huang Rong, daughter of the younger Taohua island Master , Meet great Xia Jin .”

Great Xia Jin , Take a closer look , The woman in front of me “ Three points are positive, seven points are evil , Sanfen village in Qifen evil village ”, have to , Clap on the spot , It's her. , Huang Rong in my mind . so , Weng Meiling is a clever little girl .

Just as Weng Meiling's acting career is at its peak , Everything is 1985 year 5 month 14 The day pressed the stop , She committed suicide . And the desk calendar on the table , Leave a message “Darling,I love you ”, Suddenly, the spearhead pointed directly at Weng's current boyfriend Tang Zhenye .

Tang Zhenye at that time , Although with Andy Lau 、 Tony Leung 、 Huang Rihua 、 Miao Qiaowei is one of the five wireless tigers , But in my little girl's eyes , The least handsome is him .

People are not handsome , Also flower heart , Cheating on men who play with women's affections , Ungrateful man , This pot will surely cover the head of the soup , Ten thousand more feet , Never turn over . Now , More than 30 years , I am a middle-aged old mother , Read the dusty Weng's shadow again , Just know that things are not so simple ……


Weng Meiling ,1959 Born in . Dad is a Hong Kong Customs Officer , Both wife and concubine , But still with Zhang Mingru . This Zhang Ming is like Miss Zhang , It's Weng Meiling's mother ,33 Give birth to a daughter at the age of .

Weng Meiling lived with her mother in the spacious and bright Weng family villa , Weng's father loves his daughter , Special favor , Often hold her on her lap , Call her kindly “ Babe ”.

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