After being rated as "middle-aged idol drama", Liu Tao said: don't always take the actor's age to "whip" the role

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When squatting under the eaves “ Jane Eyre ” Put the chopsticks upright and insert them into the disposable lunch box , Liu Tao's fans secretly breathed a sigh of relief outside the screen ——

After this scene ,《 Stars and sea 》 The most conspicuous in the barrage , Finally, it's not just about “ Crazy Literature ” and “ Middle aged idol drama ” Derivative sentence making , It's the entry that later rushed to the hot search : I'm afraid Liu Tao has worked on the construction site .

Slowly leave the influence of the trailer , Let the audience return to the discussion of the characters and plot , This is what Liu Tao wants to see .

As 《 Stars and sea 》 A mistress of , Naturally, she doesn't want the label misreading to misinterpret the role she tries to play , And now that everyone can see the play correctly , She finally dared to make complaints about it. , “ Clearly let you see the plot of Jane Eyre , But you have to stare at Liu Tao's age every day , You say? , What's the point ?”

Jane Eyre is definitely not “ Female boss ”

She is a little girl struggling in the tide of the times

Write 《 Stars and sea 》 front , The most successful work of screenwriter Su Xiaoyuan is 2017 Drama king in 《 That Year flowers bloom and the moon is round 》. In previous interviews , Su Xiaoyuan does not deny that Jane Eyre is the same as Zhou Ying “ Large Japanese ”, It's just that they live in a completely different era ,“ Jane Eyre is happier than Zhou Ying ”.

stay 《 Stars and sea 》 in , Jane Eyre has completed the identity transformation from an orphan girl to the boss of a multinational group , This rising road , Let Douban netizens describe the play as “ Da NvZhu shuangwen ”,“ It's earthy, dog blood and beautiful , I really can't help it ”.

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