Starring Zhang Chenguang in star sea: divorced once, tragic father's love is moving

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Morni Chang 《 Stars and sea 》 Still

2021 year 10 month 30 Japan ,40 Urban emotional entrepreneurship drama 《 Stars and sea 》 Hunan Satellite TV , And Youku video synchronization . The famous old opera bone Zhang Chenguang plays the hero in the play 、 President of Lin's group “ Lin Fengshi ”, His calm and restrained performance , Add a lot of color to the play .

Zhang Chenguang is popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan 、 Famous actors from the mainland and Southeast Asia , Starred in the 《 Beijing SiShao 》《 Love is priceless 》《 Big boss 》《 That Year flowers bloom and the moon is round 》《 Are both good 》《 Xihong city's richest man 》《 It's true 》 etc. 100 Many films and TV plays , It has a high popularity among the audience .

Zhang Chenguang had a failed marriage , Later, she remarried with Xie meihui, an outsider , The couple have two sons . The two sons came hard , Zhang Chenguang's father's love is particularly tragic ……


Zhang Chenguang's ancestral home is Shandong ,1956 year 10 Born in Okayama District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China. , My father is a soldier . There are brothers and sisters on Zhang Chenguang , He is the youngest in the family .

Early Zhang Chenguang

height 1.78 Zhang Chenguang of MI , He was a beautiful young man in middle school , It often attracts girls .

After high school , Zhang Chenguang was admitted to the drama department of China Culture University in Taipei , And Guo Xiaozhuang, a famous Peking Opera artist in Taiwan 、 Jiang Lili 、 Wang Baoyu and others became classmates .

To earn pocket money , In his freshman year, Zhang Chenguang set up a stall in the night market to sell women's underwear , Then he went to the bar as a waiter . In my senior year , He set up a real estate agency company with Guo Xiaozhuang ,5 We made a deal last month , Each earned tens of thousands of yuan .

Later, he was busy with the graduation examination , No time for guests to see the house , The real estate agency went bankrupt . At that time, many students were taking the TOEFL , Ready to study in the United States , Zhang Chenguang also took the exam with them . But he took the exam twice in a row , I didn't pass the exam .

Morni Chang 《 changjiang 》 posters

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