Li Yugang eats baked sweet potatoes in the snow! Swallowing with fingers, holding branches, dancing in the snow

Tencent Entertainment 2021-11-25 16:47:38

In recent days, , Famous singer Li Yugang posted a video recording the first snow at home on his social media , The appearance of eating roasted sweet potato with grounding gas has aroused heated discussion among netizens .

In the video , , 43 Li Yugang, 20, was wearing a long blue cotton padded jacket , Wearing a scarf with red and white stripes , It looks quite warm . I saw him lying on the table in the snowy yard , Eating a hot baked sweet potato with relish , Eat very attentively and seriously .

According to Li Yugang's essay , He ate the baked sweet potato his mother bought him , Sweet and soft . In the process of eating roasted sweet potato , In order not to waste , Even the roasted sweet potato peel is carefully squeezed in your hand , After eating , I put my finger into my mouth, and it tastes , It looks very grounded .

For Li Yugang's grounded eating of roasted sweet potatoes , Netizens have said , Sure enough, a mother's child is a treasure , It's cute to call Li Yugang's fingers . More netizens joked , Such delicious roasted sweet potato , Can we split it in half .

After eating roasted sweet potatoes , Li Yugang is to commemorate the first snow this year , And dancing in the snow . I saw him holding a branch as a prop , Standing tall and straight in the snow , Dancing with such a pure white scene , It looks like a Fairy Spirit , Extraordinary and refined .

As one of the most famous singers and dancers in China , Li Yugang is best at Backstreet performance . That year , Li Yugang relies on a song 《 The new concubine is drunk 》 Amazing Chinese , Its superb female voice, Peking opera singing and graceful ancient costume , Stand on the stage and be good at dancing , It's a classic .

Actually , Li Yugang can maintain such a good state , It is also inseparable from its usual self-discipline and high requirements . He once posted a video of eating between performances on his social platform , There is not a meat dish on the table , It can be seen that Li Yugang's moderation in diet , It is this demand for himself that makes him .

Now Li Yugang is out of working hours , I often share my life . In everyday life , Li Yugang is also simple and ordinary , There's no stardom at all . He often wears ethnic costumes , Publicize the national style to everyone , Even personally painted Peking Opera makeup for Ding Zhen , Instill traditional culture into modern young people .

Now? , Li Yugang is also constantly reaching new heights in his career , Become a representative of the national style . In the life , Can still maintain their ordinary and simple life style as they originally intended , It's true, too . Such a clear stream of entertainment , Worth being loved by the public , I also hope Li Yugang can have a smooth journey in his future career development , Bring more national style works to the new generation .

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