Tungsten fabric SDN - basic use of VMX - connect to physical / external network

Fan guijiu 2021-11-25 16:47:21



stay Neutron/OVS in ,VMs adopt Provider Networks( Supplier network ) Leave DC,Provider Networks The essence is DC Fabric Underlay Of VLAN Network, To connect to other network components . That means , Network engineers need to be in IP Fabric On Configure and manage all of these VLAN planning .

Tungsten Fabric In a completely different way .Tungsten Fabric There is only one VLAN Network, That is to say IP Fabric Subnet. Based on this ,Tungsten Fabric It is completely built in the form of tunnel compute-to-compute Communication for , as well as VM-to-External Communication for .

in other words , When traffic is leaving the data center , Must go through a process as SDNGW Gateway devices .SDNGW It's not a new concept ,DC There's usually one DCGW, Similar to enterprises, there is a WAN Gateway to connect branches / Office and Internet .SDNGW And DCGW The difference is that ,SDNGW Will be with SDN Controller Integrate... Together .

stay Neutron/OVS Environment ,OpenStack It's invisible DCGW Of , It just receives information that belongs to a particular VLAN Of traffic . and Tungsten Fabric

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