The Tao is a foot high and the devil is a foot high

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the night before last , Junior high school students who haven't been in touch for a long time , Suddenly sent me a message to borrow 20000, As a result, I made a small subtotal , Just one move , He not only doesn't want money , And it blackened me !

My name is Wang Zheng , After graduating from University, I worked in an advertising company as a planner , Because we are conscientious and responsible in our work , Strong adaptability , He was soon promoted to the manager of the planning department , Monthly income 20000, It can be regarded as the treatment of senior white-collar workers ? My life is very moist .

the night before last , I went out to dinner with some colleagues in the company , After dinner, we went to take a sauna , Lying in the hall resting , My cell phone keeps ringing , It's so late , Who sent me a message ? So open it and see , It turned out to be Zhang Chun, a classmate in junior middle school , Think we haven't been in touch for years , Why are you harassing me so late ? Is this boy getting married ?

“ I haven't seen my old classmates for a long time , hope that you are well ! Sorry to bother you so late , It's mainly because I have something urgent to ask you for help .”

“ No, I want to buy a car recently , It's just a little short 50000, See if you can lend me 20000, I'll pay you back as soon as I get my salary next month .”

“ You are the only one among the students who do very well , I know you have always been a kind and warm-hearted person , This favor will certainly help .”


Watching a series of news , I was speechless . I thought it was OK to get married and give some money , After all, we have a classmate , I didn't expect to ask for money .

“ You're not good 50000, I'll lend it to you 20000 Not enough .”

“ If you have plenty of money , Just lend it to me 50000 Well , I promise to pay you back in full within three months .”

I took a sip of water and almost spit it out , It's so cheeky ?

“ Now you can buy a car in installments , It's convenient , You can think about it .” I reply to .

I didn't expect his information to be more absolute :“ Don't you have to pay interest ? We are old classmates and good friends don't have to pay interest , And it has face , The loan is not paid in full . Do me a favor , Old classmate .”

This skin is thicker than the wall , Thanks to what he said ! I heard angry . This is taking me as 250 , Lend you money , It's not meat steamed stuffed bun. Beating a dog has no return ?

So I said to him :“ Let's do that. , Old classmate , I still have... On my card 19500 element , You turn first 500 Give me yuan , Just right 20000 Yuan to you , Round it up like this , Then you make a note for me , Do you think it's ok ?”

After a long time , Finally received the message from this classmate :“ You make fun of me ? Do I have money to borrow from you ?”

I immediately replied :“ You Lian 500 I don't want to borrow a dollar , I this 20000 How can I lend you this piece ?”

Then he had no reply ! Wait until I send a message , I found that my classmates had pulled me black !

@ Be romantic After listening to Wang Zheng's story , I have something to say :

1. Wang is a quick witted and decisive boy . In the face of students who haven't contacted for a long time to borrow money , His way of handling the case can't help being amazed , EQ is too high , For those with thicker skin than the wall , That's how to treat him , Make him feel boring , He left bitterly .

2. I haven't seen my middle school classmates for many years , Not often , Suddenly came out to borrow money , To put it bluntly, I just want to cheat my classmates . It doesn't matter if such people don't contact . Pure classmate feelings at school , It has long been tainted by the big dye vat of society .

At the end , It is said that : It's different no common goal, no common cause to cooperate ! If you are not in the same circle, there is no need to associate ! For today's story , What do you think , Welcome to leave a message !

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