How cute is Wang Yuan? Nine altmans are pasted on the cake. The shape of green little dinosaurs is quite juvenile

Oriental Infotainment 2021-11-25 16:40:50

11 month 8 Number , For Wang Yuan, it is an important day in his life , On this day , He welcomed himself 21 birthday , He became famous when he was young , It has a lot of popularity and heat in the entertainment circle , Many friends and fans send blessings together , Wang Yuan also posted his birthday photos on the Internet , Especially Altman cake and green little dinosaur , Particularly attractive .

It is not difficult to see from the photos , The whole picture is very cartoon , Wang Yuan put the cake on the table , Next to it is a big number 21, Wang Yuan also bent down and blew the lighted candle , Of course, the biggest highlight is the nine Altman pasted on the side of the cake , It's so cute , It's really the first time to see such a cake design , So many people are full of curiosity .

Although it is 21 Year old , But who is not a child yet ? Wang Yuan specially prepared this shaped cake , It also brings back the memories of many people , Because we all grew up watching Altman , What it represents in our hearts is the memories of childhood and the initial heart , As you can imagine , Wang Yuan's heart is also unforgettable, once young beautiful .

The next picture is very handsome , I saw him holding a bunch of flowers , Sit on the ground , The left hand is one more , He has looked good since childhood , The longer it is, the more it looks , And it's worth mentioning that the whole room has been carefully arranged , The house is full of the color of spring , Even balloons are green , Full of vitality .

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