Bangmei hotline | Wang Yibo's new film, Chen Weiting's new play, Ju Jingyi's business, Zhu Xudan's follow-up, Ren Hao's background

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Sister Wang Yibo is so unlucky ! Why should the team take this job !

answer : Only a few people swear , Don't worry too much about , It's just a short cooperation , Wang Yibo didn't take it too seriously , The focus is on the new film , Wang Yibo has another film under negotiation ,《 King of the sky 》, The hostess is talking about Zhou Dongyu , The director is Han Han .


Sister Bang hasn't seen you say Chen Weiting for a long time ! Say something !

answer : Chen Weiting's new play 《 Light you up 》 It will start at the end of the month , His current film and television resources are basically related to Tencent ,《 Madame Huzhu 》 It's going to air , The heat will not be low during this time , He also has a permanent variety show , The cooperation between Beijing Satellite TV and Youku 《 South regiment chasing snow 》.


Can sister Bang say Ju Jingyi ! When will Xiao Ju join the new group !

answer : Ju Jingyi is full of magazines at present 、 Business shooting ha , She is negotiating a big TV play ,《 Jianan biography 》 Our achievements are still very recognized in the industry , Ju Jingyi will have a clothing endorsement in leting next , The brand positioning goes well with me .


Bang Mei , Say Zhu Xudan ! What's the arrangement after killing !

answer : Zhu Xudan will have a rest , The new play is also under negotiation , Iqiyi's online play 《 Cover up the sky 》, The man is talking about Yin Zheng , Adaptation of male frequency novels , The investment is still quite large . If it goes well, it will start up soon .


Who's holding sister Peng Ren Hao ! Why is there always a scene !

answer : Ren Hao's resources are deeply tied to geese , He made his debut in the goose factory , Give again r1se Opened a variety show , He then seamlessly joined the new play in the goose factory 《 Light you up 》, The goose gave him a lot of resources .

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