In the post epidemic era, the music festival is still struggling

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According to the barley website 2021 May 1st performance observation , The music festival has become the most popular form of performance among young people , The proportion of audience is as high as 42%. Music Festival 、Livehouse Attendance of two major performance categories , Compare with each other 2019 The year has gone up 173% and 326%.

National Day holiday , The music festival ushered in another outbreak . In just seven days , Large and small music festivals are in Beijing 、 Shanghai 、 sichuan 、 jiangsu 、 Shandong and other provinces and cities ranked nearly 30 site . Tide worship 72 Hours 、 Cactus Music Festival 、 Montreux Jazz Festival 、 Many music festivals with different styles, such as Taihu Bay Music Festival, set off a round of upsurge during the National Day , And continue to realize secondary propagation on major short video platforms .

The increased number of performances and crowded scenes add luster to the excitement during the National Day , But did not further expand the audience for the Music Festival , contrary , It has exposed many disadvantages of the Music Festival . Comments on the poor experience of the music festival continue to emerge from the enthusiastic audience during the holiday , It reveals the actual situation that the seemingly full-time music festival is not perfect .

epidemic situation , Music Festival and pigeons

One day , The author is bored wandering on the Internet , I suddenly found that my favorite artist happened to have a performance in the same city recently , It's not far away . When I rushed to the ticket page to buy a ticket , Watching a previous show that was postponed , Hesitated for a moment or gave up buying a ticket . the second day , The concert showed an extension , The tickets have been sold out .

Under the influence of epidemic prevention and control measures , It is difficult to approve large-scale concerts , In comparison, small music festivals are more effective in offline performances , And this year's music festival has increased significantly , The audience is much larger than before , Under comprehensive conditions , The music festival seems to be the biggest beneficiary under this gap .

But actually , Even music festivals , Similar to what I said at the beginning, a lot has happened this year . Although the epidemic situation has improved, it is not stable , The epidemic situation in the second half of the year was more recurrent , This year, it is planned to hold a music festival during the national day , Yes 40% Be postponed or cancelled . Some of the music festivals were postponed for the second time .

Music fans are dusty on holidays , But can only come back in despair . Travel plans are disrupted , Sighs on social media . The cancellation of Guiyang strawberry Music Festival was once on the microblog hot search .

In addition to the impact of the epidemic , Some music festivals also have non-standard approval procedures 、 Artist arrangement changes 、 Venue arrangement and other issues are cancelled . Sometimes the audience buys tickets , But I received a cancellation notice shortly before the performance began , Forced to leave . Such situations consume the audience's love for the Music Festival .

Behind these questions , It reveals that the music festival is not mature in the overall form , There is no standard in dealing with emergencies 、 A unified response . If the growth rate of the music festival still can't catch up with the heat , Will bring more negative effects .

Double the ticket price

In the past two years, music variety is in full swing ,《 Rap listen to me 》《 New generation of rap 》《 The summer of the band 》《 Our band 》《 People from Strawberry planet 》 And a series of sound synthesis have effectively promoted the popularity of the Music Festival .

The atmosphere of the music festival is full , The price is also more friendly than the concert , It attracts young people suppressed by the epidemic to vent their backlog of emotions , But the price advantage of the festival disappeared quickly .

2018 year , The ticket price of cactus Music Festival is 300 element ,2020 During the National Day , strawberry 、 The one-day ticket price of old music festivals such as cactus has become 500-600 element , The number of single day ordinary tickets for this year's national day has been further increased , Reached 988 element , Ticket prices have more than tripled in less than five years . Non local visitors also need to pay for travel and accommodation , The price of a music festival trip was suddenly raised to more than 1000 yuan , Persuaded many people to retreat .

In terms of the general environment , The increase in music festival ticket prices is largely affected by the epidemic . Many cancelled performances can't make ends meet , Even if the performance goes smoothly, the scale will be greatly compressed , For example, the original scale was 2-3 A music festival of 10000 people , Admission will be limited to 1 About ten thousand people . This leads to a sharp decline in the organizer's income , But activity costs remain high , Raising ticket prices has become a necessary means to ensure Revenue .

On the other hand , The rise of music festival ticket prices , It reflects the single realization mode of the industry . If you can't get rid of the situation of making money only by tickets for a long time , The problem of high ticket prices will always exist .

Moreover, under the problem of high ticket prices, the quality of music festival performance is still uneven . For example, the same cactus Music Festival , In the relevant comments, although there are similar to “ Compared with other music festivals , The stage is close to the front row , Less than two meters away , Lighting and dancing are also good ” My appreciation , But things like “ The ground is full of mud , The price of food and drink is high and the quantity is small. It's like a fairy eating wind and drinking dew ” There is also a lot of discontent .

Although at present, due to the current limitation of the site , Under the heat of the music festival, one ticket is hard to find , The fear of an audience shortage does not exist . But in the long run , These conditions reflect the slow growth of the Music Festival , There are no defects in the industry towards maturity , It is a kind of user consumption for the industry as a whole , It will limit the volume of the industry in the future .

Hard work is still hard to please

Enterprise check data show , At present, there are “ Music Festival ” Related enterprises 8693 home ,2021 Years ago 9 month , There are new music festival related enterprises in China 178 home . The music festival market is expanding with the rise of popularity and ticket prices , Attract new entrants , Although there are more and more performances in the Music Festival , But a good music festival is still rare .

With public data , Music Festival with less than 10000 people , The cost per day is 200 Ten thousand yuan or so , Music Festival with more than 10000 people , The daily cost is 500 Ten thousand yuan or so . And in this high cost , Travel of artists and staff 、 Accommodation 、 The labor fee can reach... Of the total cost 60%, Stage engineering 、 facilities 、 Site construction takes up another 40%.

And even if ticket prices keep rising , The festival still doesn't have much money left to improve the quality of the performance . Despite the cost , But the lights were too bright to see , The site is full of mud, and various problems such as poor environment still occur frequently , Lower the audience's evaluation of the festival experience .

At a high price , The ticket problem of Music Festival has been emerging one after another . Scalpers reselling high priced tickets has been banned repeatedly in various performances , It's not the fault of the Music Festival , But the bad influence of scalpers on the performance is not just high ticket prices .10 month 1 Japan , Tide worship 72 Hour official microblog said “ Yellow cattle mixed in at the activity site , Stealing a work permit 、 Work tickets 、 Dig holes and tear down walls 、 Cut off the riot Iron Horse , The alarm has been handled .”

Many of the ticketing problems of the music festival are caused by the confusion of the organizers' own rules . Although the higher ticket prices of music festivals are the general trend , But there are also many low-cost tickets circulating in unofficial channels ,“ Free tickets for colleges and Universities 、 Viva's studio is low 200 Yuan for sale ” The question expresses the audience's dissatisfaction with the unfair ticket sale .

On the one hand, the hosting of the music festival faces the risk of making ends meet , On the other side, the audience who attend the music festival spend money to bring a bad experience , Now the music festival is stuck in a very embarrassing situation .

Hold a Music Festival , It was originally a game that could drive the understanding of the city , Favorable activities to drive the consumption of urban machine wine, catering and so on , But now there are many problems in the process of holding , It may even be harmful to the city .

Now the epidemic is still repeated , People's actions are still limited , Emotional repression still exists , As a collective activity to vent emotions, the music festival still has a long vitality . Instead of taking risks in the torrent of chaos , Consume money and word of mouth , The organizers might as well stop and improve the overall scheme of the Music Festival , It is said that , Sharpening a knife never misses a woodcutter .

People are still looking forward to a mature and enjoyable music festival .

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