What clothes do boys wear with "little white shoes"? Try these three trendy clothes to look fashionable and handsome

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“ Little white shoes ” It's a very fashionable piece for boys , Wearing it can improve your temperament a lot . meanwhile , Small white shoes are also a pair of very versatile shoes , For boys who can't wear , It's a sharp tool for modeling . that , Boys wear “ Little white shoes ” What clothes do you wear to look good ? Try this 3 Wear a trendy suit !

LOOK1: Grey jacket + White sweater + Beige suit pants + Little white shoes

When boys choose jackets , Pay attention to the length of clothes , Especially short boys , It's better to choose a short jacket . The above set of collocations , First wear a short jacket , Wear a thin white sweater inside , Raise your waistline . The pants are beige suit pants , Especially long legs . The colors of small white shoes and the whole wear are relatively uniform , It looks more tall and handsome .

LOOK2: Black down jacket + Grey sweater + Black sweatpants + Little white shoes

The warmest clothes for boys in winter , There's nothing like a down jacket . The material of down jacket is light , The style is also fashionable , The most important thing is that it's very warm , So boys must have one in their wardrobe . Black down jacket is fashionable and versatile , Wearing a gray sweater inside keeps you warm . Black sweatpants , Walk more relaxed and comfortable . Small white shoes are used as an ornament for overall wear , Very young and handsome .

LOOK3: Orange dark blue contrast sportswear + Little white shoes

Young boys , Put on a sports suit , Can instantly stimulate their own sense of youthful vitality ! In winter , Orange is a very warm color , Collide with dark blue , Let this sportswear have a stronger visual impact . Match it with a pair of small white shoes , Let you under the sports style , Can also show cool trendy masculinity .

source : Boy hairstyle

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