Induction fee

Life journey 2021-11-25 15:03:32

96 year , I graduated from teachers college , Because it doesn't matter and there's no money , I was assigned to teach in a middle school in the town . This is also my alma mater , Things still , People are still . Former teachers have become colleagues , Former classmates have become ” Comrades in arms ”. At that time , The salary is still paid by the township finance , Wage arrears are the norm . There are no factories and mining enterprises in the town , So there are no taxes , The government leaders are scratching their ears , Try to get some money . I don't know which army master had a bad idea ; Let the new teacher teach 2000 An appointment fee of yuan , Otherwise, no arrangement will be made ! Two thousand yuan was not a small amount at that time , My salary 291.4 element , This is about half a year's salary ! Equal to basically doing nothing in the first year . At that time, the Internet was still underdeveloped , Everyone has to swallow it .

Fortunately, there was no harvest in the village when I graduated , My next term will begin .98 year , I got married , Transfer to the township where her mother-in-law's family is located , The local government even asked me to pay 2000 An appointment fee of yuan ! I feel ridiculous ! I've been working for two years , I wanted to escape at last , I didn't expect to pay this money again when I came here . It costs five thousand yuan to transfer jobs and pay work fees , This is equivalent to two years of income . I scolded the ancestors of officials for eight generations , It takes me how to live frugally to fill the hole !

When you get married , My mother-in-law's family is so poor , Although I didn't ask them for a dowry , All the wedding expenses are borrowed . They pay for my transfer and induction , After that, I began to tighten my belt to pay off the bill . When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter , Except that I bought a bunch of bananas when I was just pregnant because I couldn't eat , Nothing else . My business classmates on the street advised me , Buy some pregnant treasure to drink . I was very skinny , I think as long as I can eat , Take care of your children as usual . Because of lack of nutrition , My daughter was born under six pounds , The skull hasn't grown tight yet .

Look back on the past years , It's really stretched . Meager wages can't be paid in time , There is no other way to make money , There are still old debts at home , Plus job transfer and induction fees , Life is just getting worse !

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