In the sea of stars, Wen Xin is used by Li Yiming. Fang Hengzhi hates Jane Eyre because of love?

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Jane Eyre jumped into the lake and went to the hospital , Unexpectedly, I met my old best friend ah Ying , Ah Ying was cheated by the old man , She can't accept her time and energy , The attempted jump also lived in the hospital . In her conversation with Jane Eyre , Just learned about Ah Ying's experience and situation , Speak true , No sympathy at all , After all, Jane Eyre stopped her many times , Ah Ying is trying to plant , I've tasted the pain , I chose it myself .

The Singaporean man gave Ah Ying 20000 yuan as breakup fee , Jane Eyre heard , The whole person is confused , She thought that rich people like to play with money , No matter how much Fang Hengzhi loves himself , Jane Eyre doesn't want to keep pestering him , Because she doesn't want to follow Ah Ying's path .

I didn't know that my aunt's operation cost 100000 yuan , Originally, Li Yiming was ready for her , And sold her company to help her , As a result, something happened to Li Yiming's father , So I'm in a hurry to spend money , When Jane Eyre learned , He returned the money to him , Instead, he accepted Fang Hengzhi's 100000 yuan , He was forced to return to his company .

Li Yiming learns that Jane Eyre has returned to Fang Hengzhi , When you are in a bad mood, go drinking , After getting drunk , Wenxin took him back , Cooking for him again , Washing his clothes again , Serve him like a nanny , It turns out that Gao Leng's Wenxin has fallen in love with Li Yiming , But Li Yiming doesn't know , The two of them went on like this .

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