A rare giant star in the same frame!

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A rare giant star in the same frame !

Gong Li 、 Zhang ziyi 、 Michelle Yeoh 、 Li bingbing 、 Wendi Deng 、ladygaga、 Tang Wei took a group photo in Cannes !

Gong Li wears a purple velvet cheongsam , Gas field fully open , Dignified atmosphere . Zhang Ziyi is dressed in a high set white improved cheongsam , Noble and elegant , Simple classic .

It just feels a little like Li Bingbing's dress , Li Bingbing is also wearing a white dress , It feels the same material as Zhang Ziyi , It's simple and classic , They both wear heavy eye makeup , The hair is curled up , It's like wearing a girlfriends costume .

Michelle Yeoh wore a green suspender skirt , Curly hair , Let her hard facial features become more gentle . Gong Li 、 Zhang ziyi 、 Michelle Yeoh was making a movie together , Amazing , Nowadays, it's rare to see the three of them in the same frame .

And Wendi Deng , Go to the entertainment circle if you have nothing to do . Tang Wei is very mature and beautiful , Curly hair is her signature hairstyle , Gentle and dignified .

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