583000 strokes / second! There is no one of the top companies in the world!

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friends , This year, double 11 The e-commerce promotion is about to arrive , Feel the excitement in all directions, no ?

Last year, tmall Taobao's order in the double 11 was broken 58.3 Ten thousand brush / second , It is predicted that this year's turnover will break last year's record . As an Internet migrant worker , What I care about is not how many orders there are , But the system didn't collapse ! And the fellow programmers behind this in order to resist this huge amount of concurrency ……

But this year's double 11 It's hard to say whether it will collapse or not , stay 10 month 20 On Tuesday night 8 spot , Taobao tmall “ double 11” Open presale , When netizens are busy placing orders and paying deposits , Taobao page failed to load , And then “ Taobao collapsed ” On the top of microblog hot search , Officials responded that both Taobao and Qianniu collapsed , Fortunately, programmers are 20:27 The repair will be completed in minutes . With this omen , This year, double 11 I still have to worry about programmers who don't know how many brain cells die ...

In fact, compared with before, the server is always paralyzed , Now this level of fluency , It can be said that our fellow programmers have worked hard to optimize the system architecture behind the double 11 to the extreme .

After all, this requires us to meet Technical difficulties to be overcome in high concurrency scenarios lie in :

  • Various requests are highly complex , Will not report all kinds of mistakes, all kinds of carton , Ensure a good user experience ;

  • In high concurrent user access 、 In case of 100 million flood peak discharge , Ensure the stability of the system ;

These are for programmers who lack practical experience , It's an insurmountable barrier . It is convenient for everyone to systematically and deeply study double 11 Various performance tuning techniques deal with , I recommend you to learn the following course 《 Double eleven high parallel generator system Java The core of performance tuning

11 month 10 On Tuesday night 8 spot


You will reap


  • To master thoroughly JVM The bottom principle , Take it easy to deal with the interview of large factories

  • With analysis 、 Locate and solve large-scale system production environment JVM The ability to question

  • To master thoroughly Mysql Underlying optimization principle , Sweep everything about Mysql Optimized interview questions

  • Have the ability to analyze and optimize the online environment of large-scale systems Mysql Ability to solve various performance problems

  • Have the ability to build a large-scale distributed system high concurrency and high availability online environment with stable performance

Double eleven technology helps

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Here is double 11 welfare : My friend Mr. Zhu Ge, Daniel, participated in the technical preparations for the double ten one , Shared some technical data he summarized , This number of fans receive free .



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