Introduction of object blood relationship analysis function of salmon data blood relationship analyzer

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Introduction to the object blood relationship analysis function of salmon data blood relationship Analyzer

One 、 Introduction to the function of object blood relationship analysis

Object data flow is one of its basic functions in salmon data analyzer , Its main function is to analyze customers SQL The data flow in the statement is in the table 、 Flow direction relationship at the object level such as view . It should be noted that , Salmon can analyze more than one at a time SQL sentence , But each statement must have an explicit semicolon ‘;’ end , Otherwise, in the visualize An error is reported when .


Two 、 When to use Table Lineage

1、Table Lineage What scenarios apply

Maha fish Table Lineage It is the blood relationship analysis function at the object level , And ordinary associations 、 Nested queries are simply associations between objects 、 constraint , There is no data flow between objects . In daily work , Image copy table 、 By inserting the result set of the subquery into the target table 、 Data flow between objects will occur in scenes such as creating views , Such statements need to use Table Lineage Function to analyze the relationship between them , as follows :


It is not difficult to see in the above picture , The data source of a table or view can indeed be through Table Lineage Function for accurate analysis , Salmon can also intelligently distinguish colors between views and tables , Easy to use .

2、 How to do Table Lineage analysis

Table Lineage Function and visualize Functions are independent of each other , When a statement set is visualize When analyzing , Can't automatically analyze Table Lineage, You may see on the interface Table Lineage There is a diagram in the analysis box , But that may be the result of the last analysis . therefore , When you need to understand the blood relationship of object level data , Be sure to use Table Lineage Function analysis .


3、 Summary

Table Lineage Clear functional logic , Easy to use , It can support all database types supported by salmon , I believe it can meet such needs in your work .

3、 ... and 、 Reference resources

Salmon data kinship Analyzer :

Salmon data kinship analyzer Chinese website :

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