Does Hadoop have to run on Linux? (the root cause is the permission opening advantage of the operating system Linux)

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Hadoop Is it necessary to linux Up operation ?( The root cause is the operating system Linux The advantages of open access )


1,windows And linux Fundamental difference : jurisdiction Whether permissions are open to users

 ● windows Hide all operations , Only provide users with encapsulated functions , Users can only operate within the limits of the operating system .

If it is an ordinary user , Will feel very happy windows Very comfortable , Because you don't need to think . Just follow the instructions .

For developers , This design concept is unacceptable , Once you have to do something beyond the encapsulated function , There will be all kinds of unexpected situations , And in many cases , These problems are unsolvable .


linux All operation rights are handed over to the user , She believes that users are rational and smart , Faithfully execute the user's instructions , Expose all the details to the user .

While users have autonomy, they also have destructive power , So ordinary users simply can't control , Maybe one instruction crashed the operating system .

For developers ,linux The openness and freedom of our society give us unlimited possibilities , We can see how the program works , There will also be friendly prompts when running an error report . According to the error reporting guidelines, the problem can often be solved .


2,Hadoop Is it necessary to linux Up operation

No matter what linux System , Still windows On the system , Build a cluster environment , All need to provide linxu System ( because linux The privilege advantage of the system ).

windows Run under hadoop Words , There are no more than two methods , One is to build virtual machines , Then install linxu System . Two is through Cygwin simulation linux Environmental Science .




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《Hadoop Is it necessary to linux Up operation 》

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