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Black brother has only one day off . Last week I told him to count your three days off , Brother Hei smiled and asked how you know. It seems that you really have three days off , As a result, there was a small meeting , Notice only one day off , It seems that I was careless .

But the cousins have long discussed the party on October 2 , Because yuandaoer's number one can't come back . Third aunt's cousin , From the West Ann drove by herself , Take turns with a colleague , Start walking at noon on the 30th , I got home at two o'clock in the morning on the first .

I'm afraid I'm tired , My sister-in-law took the two children to take the high-speed railway at eight o'clock on the morning of the 1st , Arrive at more than four in the afternoon .

The second uncle's family is in the East north , Because of the epidemic love , They bought their tickets and returned them , Only in the lake Nan's big cousin came back alone , My sister-in-law and two children didn't come .

And we , Leave home at eight in the morning , I'll be home in two hours . There are many cars on this road , There is a festive atmosphere .

Once in the door , My mother-in-law asked me to cook , The old lady is so rude , I don't say you take a break , ok , I've been an old daughter-in-law for more than ten years. Don't be polite .

At noon, all my cousins came to our house , I'm a lame “ Chef ” No one goes to ! Although black brother said to let his mother-in-law follow the good dishes, he would fry , He went to town to get two more dishes . But how nice to let a big man cook and stand by ?

Put on your apron , Dry is finished . Wash dishes, follow dishes and stir fry dishes in a one-stop process , Let me do it ! Six dishes : The fungus fried meat , Stir fried bean sprouts , Celery fried meat , Fried large intestine with green pepper , Fried cucumber with pig ears , Stir fry broccoli . Plus my mother-in-law's home specialty : a pot of cuo Chicken soup ( Stewed chicken with cabbage and vermicelli ).

Black brother bought another pig's hoof , A cold skin , When I came back, I saw that six dishes had been served , look cheerful , Very satisfied with , Grateful to me .

A total of four cousins came : The eldest cousin of my uncle's family , Second uncle's eldest cousin , Third aunt's cousin , Little aunt's cousin , Plus black brother , There are five cousins .

I received a wechat from my second uncle's big cousin a few days ago :“ Sister-in-law ,// Today we set out for the mountain Look at Grandpa , Please do me a favor , He had pancreatitis , Hospitalized with a critical illness notice , Don't drink , Please tell me // Brother, don't persuade him to drink , His family didn't know about his illness , Please keep it confidential .”

The calm heart lake has a little ripple , On the one hand, she was moved by her deep affection for her cousin , On the one hand, there is a little injustice : Why do so many relatives in my hometown tell my black brother ? He likes drinking ? No ! The mouth grows on yourself , Others didn't fill you .

Think about it. , Relatives in my hometown , My sister-in-law may only have my contact information . My sister-in-law is from Hunan , A few years ago, the three of them came once , Stayed at our house for one night , I've seen that once in so many years , Usually I only get some news from my circle of friends .

After lunch, the five cousins sat at the table and chatted , Secretly took a picture and sent it to my sister-in-law ,“ Your husband is very obedient ! Said his daughter-in-law wouldn't let him drink , Always remember your wife's teachings , Siblings can rest assured !” She replied to me “ ha-ha ”, Add a laughing expression .

Continue to make an appointment in the evening , The second stop —— My aunt's house .

In the supermarket warehouse of my aunt's house , In the afternoon, my uncle specially bought a turntable , My capable aunt is cooking , A table of dishes has been prepared , My cousin hit on one side , Minmin girl didn't come back , What a pity !

After a while , The third aunt's cousin, younger brother and sister and two children also came , Say hello warmly . heavy Qing's siblings seldom go back to their hometown , Just talk to me , Even if I haven't seen you for a long time , Once we meet, we will have no estrangement like old friends .

Or five cousins , Plus my uncle , Almost all heavyweight , Starting price is a jin of Baijiu “ Bacchus ”, Especially my little uncle , Soak it in a wine jar , The waves behind push the waves ahead , My little cousin has an amazing amount of wine .

Men push cups for lamps , talk cheerfully and humorously , I have dinner with my three aunts, little aunts and siblings , Four children are playing in the supermarket .

Fried dumplings filled with bean sprouts and large intestine made by my aunt , The large intestine is frozen and then cut into pieces , Little oil , Not at all , There's no smell , Even I, a super dumpling controller who always uses local materials to boast of all encompassing things , I can't help sighing , Such a chic match , There is no sense of disobedience in eating , It's delicious !

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