Yue Yunpeng's wife took her daughter to Deyun club. She wore light makeup and famous brand earrings. She was surrounded by fans and was highly popular

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10 month 2 Japan , Some netizens took photos of Yue Yunpeng's wife on the social platform , Cause a heated discussion .

same day , Yue Yunpeng's wife Zheng Min appears in Tianjin Deyun Club , She was dressed in white T T-shirt , A short head of hair looks very old . Long time no see, she seems to have gained a lot of weight , The figure is much wider than before , His face is also fleshy .

It is worth noting that , Zheng Min put a little light makeup on her face , And she wears a pair of “ A clover ” earrings .

At present, the official price of this earring is more than 30000 , The price is not cheap .

She stood at the gate of Deyun club and called , Wait for the staff to pick her up . Fans around have been looking for Zheng Min to talk and chat , Others shouted with a roar :“ My sister-in-law is so beautiful !”

Zheng Min stayed in Deyun club until evening , She led her little daughter out of the door , As soon as I go out, I get a lot of fans and onlookers . Everyone took pictures with their mobile phones , What's more, he directly reached out and patted Zheng Min , Want to talk to her .

It can be seen that Zheng Min's popularity is quite high , Even if my husband Yue Yunpeng is not around , Can also be welcomed by so many fans .

According to fans , This is the second time Zheng Min has appeared in Deyun club to watch the program , It is rarely seen .

Zheng Min also posted photos of her appearance in Tianjin on her social platform , She and her daughter are walking in a style street and taking photos . Daughter Yuelu �h With two long braids , Concentrate on playing with the bubbles in your hand , It's pretty cute .

as everyone knows , Yue Yunpeng's wife started as a nurse , Working in a people's Hospital . Once Yue Yunpeng's brother-in-law was ill and hospitalized , Yue Yunpeng asked Zheng Min to take more care of his brother-in-law .

Zheng Min not only didn't shirk his request , Instead, he took care of Yue Yunpeng's brother-in-law very seriously .

Under such an opportunity , Yue Yunpeng and Zheng Min met and fell in love . After establishing a love relationship with Yue Yunpeng , Zheng Min followed him to Beijing .

At that time, Yue Yunpeng only made two or three thousand yuan a month , Life is very difficult . Zheng Min has always been with Yue Yunpeng , I don't dislike his poverty , Never thought about breaking up .

2011 year , Yue Yunpeng and Zheng Min get married , They had two daughters after marriage , The life of a family of four is very happy .

The couple have been married for so many years , The feeling has always been very sweet , Also a model couple in the entertainment industry . I wish the future of the two can be better , I also look forward to Yue Yunpeng's more excellent works .

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