When Guo Qilin, a member of the Deyun society, returned, his title to Guo Degang was controversial. Do you need to be so polite?

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Guo Degang, head of Deyun Society , Every time I mention the frustration education for my son Guo Qilin , Very proud , I think my theory is very successful . But Guo Qilin because of this way of Education , I was very afraid of Guo Degang since I was a child , So that in our opinion , The relationship between Guo Qilin and Guo Degang , It's always a little weird . In the seventh issue of Deyun society group synthesis 《 Deyun Douxiao society 》 in , Guo Qilin returned to the program , But because of the name of teacher Guo Degang , It caused a heated discussion .

When Guo Qilin called his father Guo Degang , The name used is you , Not Dad , And the tone is very polite . The conversation between father and son , If you put it on two strangers , That's no problem , You can even use politeness to describe . But Guo Degang and Guo Qilin have a father son relationship , A father speaks so politely to his own son , That's a little different . In the words of the audience , The conversation between father and son , Is it necessary to be so polite ?

You're like most of us , When talking to your parents , The tone is very relaxed , Very casual , Because you are the closest person to yourself , Then pay attention to those red tape , It's really meaningless . But Guo Qilin is just the opposite , Guo Degang was very strict with him since he was a child , It made him very afraid of Mr. Guo Degang , Even if you're an adult now , The shadow of childhood still follows him , Let him in front of Guo Degang , You can't always do whatever you want like your brother .

The focus of everyone's debate , This is Guo Degang's way of educating Guo Qilin , The advantages outweigh the disadvantages , The disadvantages outweigh the advantages . Some people say that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages , Although Guo Qilin was not so happy in his childhood , But after all, let him be reasonable , Formed a good moral character , It will benefit a lot in the long run . A person who believes that the harm outweighs the good , I think this kind of frustration education of beating and scolding children , Alienated their children from their parents , It's easy to leave a lifelong shadow on children .

In fact, Mr. Guo Degang explained this problem , One monkey, one tether , This way of educating Guo Qilin , Only suitable for Guo Qilin . The reason why teacher Guo Degang treated Guo Qilin like this at that time , Because Guo Degang was a poor man at that time , The children of the poor are early masters , Teacher Guo Degang can only force Guo Qilin to become a talent . Tiger poison doesn't eat children , Guo Degang's feelings towards Guo Qilin , That is obvious to all .

Guo Qilin is so polite to his father , There's no problem , Look at Jia Baoyu in the dream of Red Mansions , I respect my father like Guo Qilin . A folk art family , Naturally, the family style should be more traditional , Guo Qilin did this to Guo Degang , Guo Degang did the same to his father . So Guo Qilin's name for teacher Guo Degang , Although some alternative , But it makes sense .

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