The 35 year old actress was sentenced to six months! He was accused of plagiarism by a famous singer for 12 years and was acquitted in the first instance

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10 month 2 Japan , Taiwan media reported that actress Wang Leyan has been sentenced 6 Months , Also by famous singers “ LAN Youshi ” The taunts of , Then it triggered a heated discussion among netizens .

It is reported that ,35 Year old Wang Leyan, formerly known as Wang Xinru , In his early years, he entered the performing arts circle because of shooting advertisements , After that, he starred in 《 That summer 》《 Nie Xiaoqian 》 Wait for the TV series .

2014 year , Wang Leyan is lucky to be here “ My sister ” Scarlett ・ Johnson's science fiction 《 Hyperbody 》 Cameo as a news anchor , Although the play is not much , But it's enough to prove that her career is going well .

In addition to the identity of the actor , She is also a singer , Once joined the women's League Yummy Practice singing and dancing ,2009 First album released in 《 The fairy tale of Copenhagen 》, These include 《 What happened to love 》 Wait for more songs .

thereafter , Wang Leyan rarely releases albums ,《 What happened to love 》 It can be regarded as her masterpiece . However , This song made her deeply involved in plagiarism .

A famous singer “ LAN Youshi ” Wang Leyan was interviewed 12 The charges of , Said the other party's song copied his own 《 Sleeping Beauty 》. The two have been litigating all these years , The relationship is very stiff .

The court acquitted Wang Leyan in the first instance , LAN Youshi seems very dissatisfied with the result , Then continue to appeal .

Recently, the judgment of the second instance was officially announced , The judge found that the similarity of the two songs exceeded 98%, Wang Leyan was convicted of plagiarism . She was sentenced to 6 Six months in prison , Impose a fine 18 Ten thousand yuan .

This result is a fair return to LAN Youshi , She repeatedly accused Wang Leyan of plagiarizing , And accused of being narrow-minded , Suffer all grievances .

In fact, she has always been an excellent singer songwriter , For the 《 Practical joke kiss 》 Singing interlude 《 you 》, Also brought 《 Lonely thoughts 》《 Let the heart stop 》 Wait for classic songs .

After the court decision comes out , LAN Youshi took a selfie on the social platform , And write a thousand words of complaint , Put an end to this matter .

LAN Youshi called this 12 Over the years , She swallowed it , Never responded to being copied , I've been waiting for Wang Leyan to apologize , The latter has always not responded to plagiarism .

In fact, the relationship between the two was that of their predecessors and descendants , LAN Youshi taught his younger sister to play in her early years 《 Sleeping Beauty 》 The music of . Later, after the song was copied , Wang Leyan boasted that this was her own work , There is no repentance .

Thinking of the past , LAN Youshi has communicated with Wang Leyan many times , Cried :“ I just want an apology , I can drop the civil action .” But the other party refused to apologize , The attitude is very tough .

Fortunately, the law is fair , LAN Youshi said the court sentenced Wang Leyan 6 Months in prison , No probation , Although she was merciful, she begged for it , But it didn't help .

Last , LAN Youshi sneered :“ She has got 12 Years of plagiarism freedom .” The implication seems to be that Wang Leyan bears 6 Months in prison is not unjust .

For the Creator , The work is all their efforts . Plagiarism is a sign of disrespect for the fruits of other people's labor , I hope Wang Leyan can seriously reflect on her mistakes , I also look forward to more good works from LAN Youshi .

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