Recommend 5 essential chrome plug-ins for development

Monkey said Java 2021-10-14 07:40:29

1. Octotree

Download the installation address :

    • Introduce : Is used to display Github The directory structure of the project Chrome Expand . stay Github The experience of viewing source code on is terrible , Especially when jumping from one directory to another , Very trouble . Using this plug-in can perfectly solve this problem , So that users can better view the tree view , It allows users to better analyze .

2. DarkReader

Download the installation address

Introduce :Dark Reader Is an eye protection extension , adopt real time Generate black theme , Enable night mode for every website . For a friend who faces the computer all day , Changing the color to dark can really protect your eyes , Reduce eye damage caused by light stimulation .Dark Reader By reversing the bright colors , Make web content high contrast and easy to read at night . At the same time, it can completely Custom adjustments brightness , Contrast , Apply a tan filter , Dark mode , Set your own font And customize the list of ignored websites , Make it no longer change the color .

3. FeHelper

Download the installation address :

Introduce : Support a lot of development tools , Support JSON Automatically / Manual formatting 、JSON Content Match 、 Code beautification and compression 、 Information codec conversion 、 Two dimensional code generation and decoding 、 picture Base64 Codec conversion 、Markdown、 Web page oil monkey 、 Web color picker 、 Brain map (Xmind) And so on , Greatly improve our development efficiency .

4. OneTab

Download the installation address :

    • Introduce : Save as much as 95% Of memory , And reduce tab clutter When you find yourself with too many tabs , single click OneTab Icon , Convert all tabs to a list . When you need to access these tabs again , They can be restored individually or in full . When your tab is located in OneTab When listing , You will save up to 95% Of memory , Because you will reduce Google Chrome Tabs open in the browser

5. Adblock Plus

Download the installation address :

     Introduce : Block annoying ads that affect your browsing experience . Farewell to video advertising 、 Pop-up window 、 Flashing banners, advertisements, etc . Shielding these annoying things means that pages load faster .


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