When you marry Chen Xiaochun and Zhang Zhilin, you make money in takeout. Ying caier and Yuan Yongyi play mahjong at home

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Zhang Ailing said : The greatest happiness in life , It's the person who finds out that he loves just as well .

Good man , He knows that the brilliance of women is tightly dissolved into his life , This is a woman's luck .

Just like Chen Xiaochun and Ying caier 、 Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi have the same love .

When you get married, you should marry Chen Xiaochun

Jordan Chan , Is a cynical but principled real good man .

Chen Xiaochun's family was poor in his childhood , There are brothers and sisters at the bottom . Father's character is irritable , He's always punching and kicking him . For fear of him running around , When they go out to work , He locked him in the house with iron fetters .

This is also the reason why Chen Xiaochun was hot when he was young .

Chen Xiaochun fed cattle every day in his childhood 、 Cut the grass 、 planting 、 farming . In his memory , When I was a child, I was happiest when I came back from herding cattle and took a bath by the well , Go home and have a plate of cold cabbage .

13 Year old Chen Xiaochun came out to work to make a living , He used to be a barber . When I first entered the performing arts circle, I also worked as ye Qianwen and Zhang Guorong 、 Accompanied by Anita Mui and other stars .

About love , Love and work at the right age . This sentence comes from Chen Xiaochun .

Chen Xiaochun's love history is also quite wonderful .

The object of first love is to play Andy Lau MV The debut Xu haoying , Many people are unfamiliar with the name , Mention her husband , I'm afraid no one knows , No one knows . She later became Eason Chan's wife .

After Xu haoying , Xu Ruo �u And Karen Mok both briefly walked into Chen Xiaochun's world .

Cecilia cheung , It's Chen Xiaochun's meaning . Cecilia Cheung just broke up with Chen Xiaodong , Chen Xiaochun launched a warm pursuit of her .2003 year , The photos of the two people traveling in Thailand were taken , The relationship has also been made public .

Later Cecilia Cheung married Nicholas Tse , In desperation, Chen Xiaochun sent his sincere wishes . Then Cecilia Cheung because Y Illumination gate , Chen Xiaochun was also angry and denounced Chen Guanxi .

This is the time , Chen Xiaochun doesn't know that his right daughter has appeared . She is little him 16 Year old Ying caier .

In fact as early as 2001 In, Ying caier and Chen Xiaochun met because of the play , Unfortunately, they didn't keep in touch at that time .

Time interval 5 Years later, , Chen Xiaochun's mother died , While he was immersed in the pain of losing his mother , Ying caier's encouragement made him see a beam of light . He also fell in love with this girl who loves to laugh .

2010 year 2 month 14 Japan , They are married , Yes, she's making 、 He's laughing at life .

Ying caier rated Chen Xiaochun as a low Eq 、 Low self-esteem 、 A man with high self-esteem . It's not easy to be his wife , Be a wife , Be again “ Mom ” and “ Younger sister ”.

Ying caier's words are full of happiness , In fact, Chen Xiaochun is a good husband , After marriage, give all your income to your wife .

Chen Xiaochun is also very happy to live with his parents in law , Treat your parents in law as your own parents to respect .

After marriage, Chen Xiaochun changed “ Flower heart ” Look like , Love Ying caier wholeheartedly , There's never been a scandal .

After marriage, Chen Xiaochun reappeared in the public's vision , With 4 Old son jasper On the parent-child program , Chaotianjiao gave birth to a little warm man .4 Year old jasper Can speak fluent English , High EQ also knows the mood of taking care of his brother, sister and father , It's like a little angel .

Chen Xiaochun is grateful to his parents in law and his wife for their education and care for his son , If it were him, he could not teach such an excellent and sensible son . Now? 8 Year old jasper I have been to Shanghai to study , Can play the piano 、 Violin is a versatile and warm-hearted little boy .

When you get married, you should marry Zhang Zhilin

1971 year 8 month 27 Japan , Zhang Zhilin was born in Hong Kong .

Zhang Zhilin had a happy family , However, in 13 At the age of, the happy life is over . My parents divorced this year , Zhang Zhilin emigrated to Australia with his father .

20 Year old Zhang Zhilin was dug into the entertainment circle by star scouts .

zhang , It's countless 80 after 90 In my mind tvb Male god . He has a pair of charming dimples and a sweet smile , And a strong body .50 Year old Zhang Zhilin looks like frozen age , Handsome with a trace of maturity and steadiness .

1992 year , Zhang Zhilin and Yuan Yongyi got to know each other because of the play , There was a great disparity between the two people at that time , Yuan Yongyi is the champion of Hong Kong sister . Zhang Zhilin is still an unknown little actor , When women are strong and men are weak , Two people fell in love without hesitation .

Zhang Zhilin's love history is also quite wonderful .2000 Filming with she Shiman was too close , She Shiman also smeared Zhang Zhilin with saliva , Once made yuan Yongyi very angry .

The next year, Zhang Zhilin showed his sincerity , Through the concert, Yuan Yongyi , Two people get married with a low-key license . After marriage 5 year , Zhang Zhilin has an affair with Guo keying because of the play . Yuan Yongyi supports her husband , The incident has come to an end .

Since then , What's more, I make money to , You buy a bag . Wherever you go, you hold hands all the way , Just like their marriage .

Zhang Zhilin calls his wife every night , Words are full of spoil .

Chen Xiaochun and Zhang Zhilin embraced each other twice

stay 《 My brother 》 Chen Xiaochun is a very real , A brother who never lies . He is alone solo Performed his own famous song , Chen Xiaochun dressed as a clown , It's like eating dragon fruit jasper.

If you sell your feelings ,54 Chen Xiaochun has such capital and confidence . The famous song after adaptation , With the singing and dancing of Chen Xiaochun , Won the first place .

Of course, there is no lack of Zhang Zhilin's auxiliary attack . Zhang Zhilin canvassed for Chen Xiaochun , My brother in Dawan District really has one heart and one mind .

To canvass , Chen Xiaochun and Zhang Zhilin hug each other twice , This is not the first time two people hug each other . Last time , Ying caier and Yuan Yongyi are also jealous : go , Buy a bag together .

You are responsible for making money , I'm in charge of playing mahjong

They say I'm responsible for making money to support my family , You're in charge of beauty .

It's like this at Chen Xiaochun's and Zhang Zhilin's house : You are responsible for making money , I'm in charge of playing mahjong .

Watching Chen Xiaochun rap hard on the stage , Make money in takeout . Zhang Zhilin said that he would quit the entertainment industry after participating in the program of this season .

Yuan Yongyi immediately came out to clarify : He thinks too much . Yuan Yongyi's implication is that you quit the entertainment industry , Who will buy me a famous brand bag ?

Look at 50 year + Chen Xiaochun and Zhang Zhilin work hard on the stage , When trying to make money , What are their wives doing ?

When my husband is cutting through thorns , Yuan Yongyi and Ying caier play mahjong at home .

It's a wonderful life .

This is what a wise and beautiful woman should look like .

Zhang Xiaoxian said she would be such a woman : The face is like peach blossom 、 The heart is as deep as the sea 、 affair 、 Zheng Chengshan road 、 Tactile acuity 、 Emotional 、 Be patient and independent . Insist on reading 、 Write 、 clean 、 cooking 、 Dating and revelry .

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