Wang Xihua took photos and said she envied her parents' love. Her emotional history was picked. She once said her husband helped cure depression

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10 month 2 Japan , Wang Xihua posted photos of her parents on the social platform , And it says :“ Don't envy the mandarin duck, don't envy the immortal , I only envy my parents for their warm feelings ! Happy holidays .”

Wang Xihua's parents are in good condition , Although no longer young , But ruddy and energetic , The body looks very strong . And the feelings between the two old people are still loving , Grandma snuggled in Grandpa's arms , The feeling of helping each other is enviable .

Wang Xihua expressed her envy for her parents' love , It may also have something to do with her own rough feelings , she 42 I got married at the age of and married Shen hang, an actor .

Wang Xihua has a successful career , She graduated from Shanghai Drama Academy He won scholarships many times in school , Has starred in 《 The woman in charge 》、《 My son-in-law at home 》 and 《 Wheat into the city 》 Classic movies and TV series , Won the flying award, excellent actress award , Both acting and popularity , It is the childhood memories of countless audiences .

Shen hang graduated from the Central Academy of drama ,1991 He took part in a TV play in 《 Yang Jiajiang 》, Play Yue Sheng in the play , Then he took part in one after another 《 The dark war before dawn 》 and 《 Family defense war 》 And so on , Good acting skills , But personal popularity has been tepid .

There is a gap in their career , But Wang Xihua is in love with vigour and vitality , Take the initiative to fight for love . During the cold war with Shen hang , She rushed directly to Shen Hang's crew and took the initiative to break the ice , Shen hang was very moved , Introduce Wang Xihua directly to the crew as his daughter-in-law .

Wang Xihua also revealed in the program that Shen hang helped cure depression , Because she had not been in love for four or five years before Shen hang , The mood has been very anxious , I don't want to talk , It was Shen Hang who made her happy again .

Finally, I hope Wang Xihua and Shen hang can grow old together , You can still love like your parents .

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