Xiangzuo's family celebrated the National Day! Guo biting was close to her husband and swept the luxury store in a good mood

Tencent Entertainment 2021-10-14 07:35:01

10 month 1 Japan , There was a passer-by who met Xiang Zuo's family for a walk , And take multiple photos , They dress up simply and grounded , Spend the National Day holiday together .

In the photo , Guo biting is wearing a long dark dress , Wear with casual coat , A long hair tied at random in the back , There is no star at all , I almost didn't recognize it from my back . Xiang Zuo is even more low-key , The whole body is black , Hold your daughter skillfully ,1 year “ Little milk Emperor ” Looks cute .

Passers-by friends revealed , Guo biting secretly loves Zuo very much , And get along naturally , Look at their backs like this , It's like an old husband and wife who have been married for many years . The sweetest thing is , Guo biting was close to Xiang Zuo all the way , The two are inseparable , It seems to stick together .

Guo biting occasionally interacts with her daughter , I'm in a good mood , A family of three is warm and loving .

Many people see Guo biting's low-key dress to Zuo , I thought they were just out for a walk . in fact , They are always accompanied by bodyguards and assistants , In order not to attract everyone's attention , Just deliberately standing far away .

One of them was a big man in a black suit , With multiple shopping bags in his hand , It seems that Guo biting has swept through luxury goods again this time . After all, with the size of the mall in the picture , They are basically famous brand stores .

This strong man should be the bodyguard of Guo biting's family , It has happened before , As like as two peas . With a pocket , But still recognized by sharp eyed netizens .

In addition to celebrating the national day ,10 month 1 It's still xiaonaihuang's birthday , Just after midnight , Xiang Tai sun out a family photo to celebrate his granddaughter's birthday .

At the birthday party , Filled with pink balloons , There are many pink flowers on the ground ,“ Little milk Emperor ” Like a princess , Held in everyone's hands , It's true to home “ eye ”.

Xiang Zuo, Xiang Huaqiang, Xiang taiduhe “ Little milk Emperor ” Take group photos alone , Love is overflowing the screen . Her daughter-in-law Guo biting's position at home is even more unusual , Not only Xiang Zuo is obedient to her , Xiangtai also dotes on her , As a “ Kiss your daughter ” raise .

On this special day , Xiang Zuo also accompanied Guo biting to sweep all major luxury stores , He's a perfect wife lover . It is said that rich families are difficult to enter , Guo biting's treatment seems completely different from that of other actresses , Really married love , Found a good family .

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