Huo Qigang's 8-year-old son played the piano to celebrate his motherland's birthday. He rarely showed a smile and was naive, more and more like Huo Yingdong

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Parents are always the best role models for children , This sentence is not bad at all . let me put it another way , What kind of parents , Will educate what kind of children , For example, Huo Qigang and Guo Jingjing's family , For a long time, the couple are not just a model loving couple in front of everyone , It is also a model of patriotism . They set an example and established a correct outlook on life and values , Therefore, they also educate their children in this aspect from an early age . The two daughters are still young , I won't say it for the time being , And the eldest son Huo Zhongxi has 8 Year old , He has been with his parents since childhood “ Edify ” Next , Also have a patriotic heart . To celebrate the birthday of the motherland , Guo Jingjing recently showed a video of her son playing the piano , In the video, Huo Zhongxi wears “China” Clothes with words , Playing the melody of celebrating the national day very seriously , After playing, I was still very excited to dance , Express your feelings , His rare smile is naive , Very likable .

In the matter of patriotism , The Huo Qigang family has always been very persistent . Don't say because Guo Jingjing is from the Mainland , So I have a more sense of belonging to my motherland , Affected Huo Qigang and his children , in fact , Besides Guo Jingjing , Huo Qigang is also a typical patriotic businessman , And his patriotism began with his grandfather Huo Yingdong , in short , Huo Qigang was influenced by his family , I was taught to be patriotic from an early age 、 Love Hong Kong , This makes his patriotism deeply rooted .

Fok Ying Tung is a well-known wealthy businessman in Hong Kong , At the same time, it is also the first batch of Hong Kong businessmen to invest in the Mainland , When he was alive , Participated in the investment and construction in many fields of the country , For the country's reform and opening up , Economic construction has made a lot of contributions , In particular, it is necessary to enhance the status of the country in the international sports world , Contribute a lot , It has become the most representative patriotic Hong Kong businessmen .

Huo Yingdong has always been concerned about his motherland , With a strong sense of patriotism , come very naturally , His family , His enterprise is bound to be influenced by his sentiment . Huo Zhenting, the eldest son of Huo Yingdong, has continued his father's business development route , So that the Huo family still has a high reputation in China . Come to the third generation, Huo Qigang's generation , Even more so , He has always stressed that Fok Ying Tung has a great influence on himself , Especially in sports , So he has been adhering to Huo Yingdong's ( Develop sports ) idea , Until today, , If not , I'm afraid Huo Qigang didn't get to know Guo Jingjing , Let alone get married and have children .

Parents' three views are correct , They are bound to educate their ideas to the next generation , And for children's education , The Huo Qigang and his wife do have their unique way . Although it is a famous family , rich and powerful , But they never spoil their children , Especially for Huo Zhongxi . When Huo Zhongxi was very young , Huo Qigang and his wife have taken him to experience all kinds of life , On weekdays, I also live a very simple life at home . If nothing else , The family celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival , Lanterns are homemade , Even the food was cooked by Huo Qigang himself , No rare delicacies , It's a very common home cooked dish . in addition , In everyday life , Guo Jingjing's dress is very simple , Unless it's a special occasion , In general , She appears in the most rustic style , So Huo Zhongxi's dress is the same , There is no luxury .

There are such parents , How can the children who have been educated have three wrong views ? So you will see Huo Zhongxi celebrating the National Day , Played a piano repertoire at home to celebrate . Guo Jingjing shot this scene behind Huo Zhongxi , Then it was made into a video and uploaded to the Internet , At the same time, the text indicates “ A melodious song , Salute China , Wish our country prosperity ”. It is particularly noteworthy that , While Huo Zhongxi was playing the piano , It's very skillful , Gesture professional , He must be very good at playing the piano .

What's more difficult , After playing , Huo Zhongxi danced excitedly , hail enthusiastically , And face the camera , I saw his smile pure , Look innocent , Notice that a pair of his front teeth have been replaced , It hasn't grown yet , This makes him look cute . And as far as looks are concerned , Huo Zhongxi and Huo Yingdong are more and more like , Especially the hairstyle 、 romantic charm , It seems that Huo Yingdong's genes are inherited from this great grandson .

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