The famous wanghong Sichuan Cola got married, and Zhao Benshan's daughter served as the marriage witness. There were a lot of luxury cars

Tencent Entertainment 2021-10-14 07:22:29

10 month 2 Japan , Coincides with the National Day holiday , Many couples choose to get married on this day of universal celebration . There are many happy events in the entertainment circle and online red circle . see , Sichuan cola, a well-known online celebrity in Sichuan, and her fiancee, who is also online celebrity, are getting married today , From proposing last year to getting married this year , It can be said to be a big happy event in the online red circle , It has attracted the attention and hot discussion of many netizens .

As a well-known online celebrity in Sichuan , Sichuan Cola's wedding can be said to be full of noodles , Pick up a fancy car 20 More than a , In the words of coke , Chengdu is really too crowded , I didn't dare to find so many , All friends' cars . in addition , Many well-known netizens arrived one after another , Like Zhao Benshan's daughter Qiu and fiance 、 Anjiu 、 Munson 、 Most of the first-line online celebrities such as Gaudi come to congratulate coke .

The wedding scene is also very warm and romantic , Sichuan Cola takes care of the little fairy in the whole process of getting married , In addition to luxury cars , Also prepared a sedan chair , Their wedding is a combination of Chinese and Western , Very romantic , Of course , There are also many netizens watching .

this , The wedding of Sichuan cola and the second confused fairy , Zhao Benshan's children Qiu Qiu also served as the marriage witness , Ball is the master of coke , The original , When proposing , There is media coverage , Sichuan Cola gave Shifu a valuable luxury car , And kneel down to the ball and thank you , Qiu Qiu acts as the witness of his apprentice , It's also a good story in the online red circle .

During this period , The net red circle is also full of happy events , Han Anran, a well-known online celebrity, got married again , We are familiar with the village Xiaoqiao and Suning, and other online celebrities have also announced their marriage , Weddings have also attracted much attention , Let many netizens envy .

No matter what , I wish Sichuan cola and cihun fairy happiness and sweetness , For a long time , In the future, it will develop better in the live broadcasting industry , I also hope Zhao Benshan's daughter and fiance can achieve positive results as soon as possible .

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