"If you are the one" Meng Fei's rare temper in the program attracted people's discussion!

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I believe if you like to watch some entertainment gossip programs or news , We will know 《 If you are the one 》 This program , This program since 2012 It has been broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV since . This program is mainly to help those who are busy with their career , In the life , There is little time to meet the opposite sex , There is no time to cultivate feelings with the opposite sex , This program provides them with a social platform , Let them have a preliminary understanding in just ten to twenty minutes . Many single friends come to this program to find their partner , In this program , You can show your strengths , Show your strengths , Appreciated by female guests !

In this program , We don't just watch the interaction between male and female guests , Host Meng feizheng's performance on the stage , Every word said on the stage is regarded as the golden sentence of love by the audience friends , Teacher Meng Fei is loved by the public ! seen 《 If you are the one 》 The audience of this program should know what a lovely and amiable teacher Meng Fei is in the program , Never lose your temper on the show . But in a previous issue 《 If you are the one 》 On the stage , Teacher Meng Fei had a rare temper , Invited a female guest off the stage .

at that time , There is a female guest named fonninur , At that time, one of his female guests left a lamp on the stage , Teacher Meng Fei thought she was going to hold hands with the male guests . But she said she and her ex boyfriend had agreed not to have a boyfriend for a year , I left the lamp because I wanted to have a few words with the male guests , After saying that, put out the light . At that time, Meng Fei said to fonninur :《 If you are the one 》 It's a dating platform , Since your purpose is not to make friends , That goes against the original intention of the program , Please go down . Meng Fei's move shocked many people , Many people have never seen him so serious on TV , Serious !

Small make up think , Teacher Meng Fei did nothing wrong , This is to maintain the fairness of the program , Keep the original intention of the program , Such Meng Fei , It makes me feel very bold !

source : Sohu Entertainment

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