Liz's 50th birthday is still dazzling. The family of eight takes a group photo, which is very warm

Oriental Infotainment 2021-10-14 07:22:18

yesterday , It's Lizzy 50 birthday , Although already 50 Year old , But Lizzie is still very beautiful , Years have no trace on her .

Last night, , Lizzie rarely took a group of family photos , A family of eight celebrated Lizi's birthday , The scene is very warm .

Although Lizzie's three daughters, as usual, in order to protect them , I made a code , But this time Lizzie's parents 、 Lizi's husband Ma Yanqiang , Even Lizi's brother Li Ying appeared in the mirror , Very lively .

See Lizzie can be so happy , Many netizens send their best wishes . Indeed, Lizzie's happiness is not easy .

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