Xiang Zuo's daughter's birthday party was exposed, Xiang Huaqiang sang at the scene, and the little milk emperor listened with a pacifier. It was very cute

Oriental Infotainment 2021-10-14 07:22:14

Xiang Zhi, the daughter of Xiang Zuo and Guo biting, is in 10 month 1 On the day , Ushered in his first birthday . To celebrate her birthday , A birthday party was held for Zoe's daughter .

recently , Some netizens took live photos of Xiang Zuo Guo biting's daughter's birthday party , According to netizens , This is a private party . It is estimated that few people will be invited , It can be seen that the identity of this netizen is also very special . He first exposed himself and Xiang Huaqiang , A single group photo of Xiang Zuo .

then , Sun out the photos taken at the birthday party , You can see many pink and yellow balloons intertwined around , It feels very dreamy , More Than This , There are flowers around , And a three story birthday cake .

From the overall layout of the scene , Are full of colors and elements that little girls like .

The netizen also posted a photo of Xiang Huaqiang singing on the stage at the birthday celebration site , While he was singing , Xiang Zuo still holds his daughter “ Little milk Emperor ” Help Grandpa together .

The little granddaughter still has a pacifier , She looks so cute with big eyes . Watch her raise her little hand , I don't know if I want to applaud grandpa .

Xiang Zuo stands next to his father Xiang Huaqiang , Watching dad sing happily also shows a silly smile , The picture is really warm .

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