After three days of release, the box office soared to 800 million, and Wu Jingxin's film became a word-of-mouth "King bombing"

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Some people say , Wu Jing in the movie box office , It's a word of mouth “ Wang fried ” actor , Whether it's leading or starring , Most can be recognized by the audience , And it's a double harvest of word-of-mouth and box office . In the eyes of the public , This 47 Years old actor , Compared with most small flows, fresh meat is popular .

《 Changjin Lake 》 release 3 Days to get good grades

Wu Jing's charm lies in his acting , It's also that he chooses the actors of the script .2021 The golden period of national day in , There are many movies online , Starring Wu Jing 《 Changjin Lake 》 It has not only become the first work on the heat list , And won the first place at the box office . from 9 month 30 The day is coming 10 month 2 Japan , It's just a short time 3 It's just days , But the record of this film , But it can't be ignored .

《 Changjin Lake 》 In a film and television way , Present the historical deeds of our ancestors to future generations , It also makes us feel the hard won beauty of contemporary life . Because of national feelings , Because of historical feelings ,《 Changjin Lake 》 Caught the eyes of countless audiences , It makes everyone excited when watching movies , Moved to tears .

Wonderful plot , Give Way 《 Changjin Lake 》 Our achievements are very objective , From the current heat .《 Changjin Lake 》 It's more popular than other films launched at the same time , The box office has increased by leaps and bounds . When you still stay in 7 More than 100 million at the box office , He has moved towards 8 Billion galloped .

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