Zhong Jiaxin sighed with emotion about the explosion of maternal love for a couple of children who had a birthday party: you grew up so fast

Oriental Infotainment 2021-10-14 07:19:28

TVB Zhong Jiaxin, the former head of the family 15 With chiropractors Jeremy Pull and bury the skylight , In the second year 8 In June, she gave birth to her eldest daughter Liang Aichen Kelly, last year 9 In June, she gave birth to her youngest son in Canada Jared Anthony Leung, Enough good words for my husband , Very happy !.

Zhong Jiaxin shares her eldest daughter Liang Aichen and her youngest son on the Internet from time to time Jared A growing segment of . Time really flies , It's another couple's birthday , Zhong Jiaxin, who loves children and women as much as her life, certainly tries her best to make a big Party Congratulations on baby's birthday ! This year, she made blue and white as the theme , No matter what three people wear 、 The cake 、 Even the tablecloth is blue and white , Very beautiful ! Babe Kelly It should be very popular 《Frozen》, Zhong Jiaxin is Kelly Prepared one with ELSA and ANNA The cake .

and Jared It's too small , I don't know what I like , So it's a simple cake , Celebrate 1 birthday , But the cake is also quite beautiful .

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