The 2021 ocean marriage and love culture week of vows and vows was opened, and the top 20 marriage and love activities were presented

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Qilu. Com · Flash news 10 month 1 - 9 month 30 Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center on the evening of the th , The air is full of romantic and fashion factors . In the evening , With “ Fashion Qingdao · Ocean Love — I'll wait for you by the sea ” A solemn vow with the theme of 2021 Ocean marriage and love Culture Week opens . Marriage tourism products are newly released 、 Net red love clock out fresh 、 Chinese dress shows fashion …… There are also Qingdao Ocean Love Theme Song and dance sitcoms 《 Love of Qindao 》 Make your debut at the opening ceremony .

temperament 、 The light 、 The sea , fashion 、 modern 、 The dynamic , In Qingdao's new landmark Olympic Sailing Center , Everywhere is filled with joy and joy . In the evening , As the guests press the button , With “ Fashion Qingdao · Ocean Love —— I'll wait for you by the sea ” A solemn vow with the theme of 2021 The ocean marriage and love culture week officially kicked off .

In recent years , Love and marriage tourism as a new tourism industry , It provides a brand-new platform for the high-quality development of marine tourism in Qingdao . Relying on the unique resource endowment , Bring together the wisdom and creativity of many people of insight , Qingdao is committed to innovating the development model , Stimulate the new vitality of the marine marriage tourism market , Create the first choice destination brand for domestic marine marriage and love tourism , Let Qingdao become a sweet and warm romantic city , Become more “ Have a lover ” yearning “ Poetry and the distance ”. Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee 、 Vice Mayor Xue Qingguo said in his speech , Qingdao should be built into the preferred destination brand for domestic marine marriage and love tourism .

At the opening ceremony, Qingdao Marine marriage and love tourism products were released 、 Love net red punch in and so on . The guests and audience participating in the opening ceremony also enjoyed a visual feast , First, the opening Ocean Love — fashion T Taiwan show , The style of Chinese dress is unique , Gorgeous bloom , It presents the unique marriage and love fashion culture of the island city . Qingdao Ocean Love and marriage theme song and dance sitcom for the first time 《 Love of Qindao 》 It shows a pair of lovers who met on the seashore of Qingdao 、 Fall in love 、 be in love with each other 、 To be together , The process of dying , Sing through Qingdao love songs 、 Dance, etc , Combined with the large screen background , Take the beauty 、 food 、 Meiwu and other wedding tourism products in Qingdao are presented in all aspects .

It is reported that ,2021 The marine marriage and love culture week is organized by Qingdao Municipal People's government 、 Shandong Provincial Department of culture and tourism , Propaganda Department of the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee 、 Qingdao Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism 、 Sponsored by Shinan District People's government , Publicity Department of Shinan District Party committee 、 Undertaken by Shinan District Culture and Tourism Bureau , Time is 9 month 30 The day is coming 10 month 7 Japan . In Qianxi wine industry 、 With the strong support of Heineken Heineken and other brands ,2021 The ocean marriage and love culture week has 20 “ Marriage and love ” Activity plate , Including Qingdao marriage and love culture tourism exhibition 、 Seminar and exchange on the centennial development of Qingdao Marine love and marriage Tourism 、“ Witness of love ” Western Wedding Industry Exhibition 、“ The melody of love ” Family Theme Concert 、“ The meeting of love ” Love Orienteering challenge 、“ Love all over the city ” Love songs and other series are full of “ Love ” Activities of the mind, etc .

besides , Love and marriage culture week will also be through online and offline interaction , Present the wedding tourism products of Qingdao in all aspects , Further enhance the popularity of Qingdao's marine marriage and love industry 、 Influence and radiation . For example “ Fashion Qingdao · Ocean Love ” Fushan Bay light show created for the theme ; as well as “ Teach you to take pictures hand in hand ”、 Jointly hold romantic travel shooting and shooting guide with Ctrip 、 Invite millions of fans to carry out marriage and love experience marketing and other activities , Fully reflect Qingdao marriage and love 、 ocean 、 Romantic elements , Attract marriage and love institutions and customers from all over the country to Qingdao for marriage shooting, leisure tourism and vacation . Citizens and tourists through Ctrip 、 Same way 、 Way cattle 、 Meituan and others buy relevant tourism products , It will also receive cultural and tourism benefits .

Through a series of activities , It will not only help Qingdao start “ Marriage tourism city ” Business card , It is also conducive to building a new humanistic label of Qingdao marriage and love city 、 Love to punch in , Innovate Qingdao's tourism industry , Open up a new urban business model , Further enhance the influence and radiation of marriage and love industry in Qingdao , Realization “ South Sanya , North Qingdao ” Regional positioning , Building a domestic leader 、 An internationally famous marriage and love tourism destination , Contribute to the construction of Qingdao International Fashion City .

Lightning journalist Xin Peng Qingdao reports

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