Hu Xinger and Li Chengde were reunited after they separated for four months. They went to the first date to date

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Most of the actresses who fight for three children are very happy , In addition to Cecilia Cheung , There is also a actress Hu Xinger among the Hong Kong stars , Also super happy .

Like Cecilia Cheung , Hu Xinger also has 3 A son , But unlike Cecilia Cheung , Hu Xinger also has a super spoiled husband, Li Chengde . Li Chengde can not only make money , Especially with children , It can be said to be a super Daddy , Daily is also a variety of drying baby .

Especially this year 4 month , After Hu Xinger gave birth to three sons ,5 I went to the mainland to shoot in June , The task of taking the baby naturally falls on Li Chengde . In the twinkling of an eye, Hu Xinger has been separated from her family 4 More than a month , 9 month 28 Japan , Li Chengde took a high-profile photo with Hu Xinger and sent a document “ My queen is finally back !” Joy speaks to the appearance .

It is said that “ A long absence is better than a new marriage ”, They immediately start dating mode , And set the location at 7 Where I first dated years ago , Also very attentive . In the photo, Hu Xinger snuggled up in her husband's arms , The eyes of both men smiled into crescent shape , This dog food is too sweet . So Hu Xinger is spoiled by a husband like Li Chengde , Really very happy .

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