Poka ecological monthly report in September: open interoperability between parallel chains

PolkaWorld 2021-10-14 07:11:38

With more and more parallel links into Kusama The trunk chain , The parallel chain gradually starts decentralized governance , And open interoperability between chains .



1、 Important technical submission 、 Modification and release

Karura 1.4.1 edition https://github.com/AcalaNetwork/Acala/releases/tag/1.4.1

  • upgrade Substrate/Polkadot/Cumulus Version to polkadot-v0.9.9
  • Support LKSM As stablecoin Agreement collateral
  • Support Bifrost Tokens, BNC Cross chain transfer
  • Realization  stablecoin  Agreement collateral incentive mechanism

Karura 1.4.2 edition https://github.com/AcalaNetwork/Acala/releases/tag/1.4.2

  • Repair Offchain Worker Questions and adding tests
  • Support multi currency incentive plan
  • New transactions are used to clean up dust accounts
  • Allow the governance authorization standard account to trigger root transaction


Technical proposal discussion

  • Support will directly KSM The collateral is directly converted into LKSM:https://github.com/AcalaNetwork/Acala/pull/1426
  • add to Bifrost vsKSM Support :https://github.com/AcalaNetwork/Acala/pull/1429 
  • Support PINT agreement :https://github.com/AcalaNetwork/Acala/pull/1415 


2、 Community progress and cooperation

9 month 1 Japan ,Karura The network has completed a limited number of NFT Reward 「 Karura Family」 Omni channel distribution .

9 month 8 Japan , Acala The foundation is for NUTS Finance Development team's Tree The agreement provides the first Acala Ecological construction and growth Grant,Tree The agreement will provide a synthetic asset agreement designed to optimize liquidity , Improve... In a fragmented manner Polkadot Asset availability in the ecosystem .

9 month 9 Japan ,Karura The Internet Runtime Upgrade is on LKSM Mortgage lending kUSD And cross chain support Bifrost Native Token(BNC) go online Karura Swap Technical premise .

9 month 10 Japan , come from Phala Community proposal , Support PHA/kUSD Trading and mining rewards .

9 month 13 Japan ,Acala Network integration Chainlink Price Feeds, In order to provide developers with the most mature decentralized Oracle solution in the industry at the early stage of Launch , After the integration , Developers will get a decentralized oracle that covers the feed price of various assets , It can not only ensure data quality and low delay update , It also has a robust underlying infrastructure with high availability and tamper resistance .

9 month 16 Japan ,Karura Upgrade on the network chain , For the first time 15 Prepare for proposal No , Will allow any single or multiple native assets 、 Parallel chain cross chain assets 、 as well as ERC20 Assets as LPs Reward .

9 month 17 Japan , come from Bifrost Community proposal , Support BNC/kUSD Trading pairs and pit digging Awards .

9 month 22 Japan , come from Bifrost Community proposal , Opening Bifrost and Karura Open between parallel chains HRMP Cross Chain Communication .

9 month 25 Japan ,Karura The first time the network goes online 15 A proposal , About to start LKSM Opening pledge and LKSM/KSM Incentive plan for liquidity pool .


 3、 Community activities

9 month 1 Japan ,Acala Participate in @benzinga Crypto Festival , Discuss DeFi And parallel chain based applications .

9 month 2 Japan ,Acala Be invited to attend Odaily Star daily Union 36kr、CryproArt.AI、IdleMystic And Tencent magic core APP、 Netease blockchain 、Animoca、DeHorizon、APENFT And many in-depth partners 「 The first online NFT Encryption Art Carnival 」.

9 month 3 Japan ,Bifrost A guest Acala Live Community studio , Turn on Kusama The first cooperation between parallel chains ,Bifrost Native assets will go online Karura SWAP , And will open BNC/kUSD Liquidity mining .

9 month 10 Japan ,Acala To attend the Centrifuge union Odaily Planet daily and PolkaWorld host 「 Star Cruiser —— And Centrifuge Explore poca together DeFi The new paradigm , and Altair Parallel chain auction press conference 」, From the perspective of front-line project bidders , Share and discuss Kusama auction The story behind , Explore new opportunities for Poka Ecology .

9 month 16 Japan ,Phala A guest Acala Live #2 studio , Share and discuss with you Web3.0 Under the times DeFi And privacy 、 A new way to play Cross Chain Bridge .

9 month 20 Japan , The largest user base of encrypted assets in the world Brave Browser goes online Acala Parallel chain Crowdloan Warm up activities , Allow users to register in advance Acala Waitlist, lock 10% ACA Reward qualification .

9 month 22 Japan , Acala Crowdloan The warm-up activity is officially started , You can win up to 1050 ACA, A total reward 2000 ACA And a generous gift box .

9 month 22 Japan ,Acala To attend the 《 Mainnet 2021: The future of Polkadot》 Discuss poca Layer 1 The future development trend of the track , How will the upcoming Boca slot auction reward and product planning .

9 month 25 Japan ,Acala To attend the PolkaWorld Chengdu offline activity sharing ,Web3.0 Next DeFi How applications can re explode .

9 month 29 Japan ,Acala Participate in the chain to hear the king of tribal city , Participate in 《 Everything looks fresh and gay ——DeFI The way of innovation 》 round table , Share Karura Network chain governance and multiple income play .



1、 technology / Product progress :

1)Bifrost Runtime

v0.8.3 edition : Opened a democratic referendum (Democracy)、 council (Council)、 national treasury (Treasury)、 money reward (Bounty) And the technical committee (Tech.comm.) Equal module .

v0.8.4 edition : This version will support Kusama and Bifrost Two way asset cross chain ,KSM Can be found in Bifrost And Kusama Interoperation in the network ; opened KSM Can be converted into Bifrost Service charge on the chain .

v0.8.5 edition :Bifrost The first democratic referendum was held Sudo( Super administrator privileges ), The proposal was successfully implemented .

v0.9.0 edition :SALP The agreement was launched successfully , For the first time open Crowdloan Liquidity derivatives vsKSM & vsBond The casting of .

v0.9.1 edition :SALP Farming The module is online , vsKSM & vsBond Transfer successfully opened .Bifrost And Karura The horizontal cross chain message transmission format has been opened (HRMP) The passage of , Will support KSM, kUSD, KAR, BNC, vsKSM Cross chain rotation of .


2)Bifrost SALP

SALP Within two weeks after the module goes online , Support Basilisk,Altair,Interlay And Parallel Parallel chains of crowdloan, The cumulative casting volume exceeds 13,400 KSM, About equal to $4,422,000 Market value stock .Bifrost Dapp: https://bifrost.app/

Bifrost SALP And Zenlink SlotVault Deep product integration , Use SlotValut Advanced Contribute Patterns can be generated SALP Derivatives participation crowdloan.Zenlink SlotVault: https://slotvault.zenlink.pro/

Bifrost And Karura Jointly launch offline proposals , We're working on the upcoming vsKSM/KSM Swap Pool and BNC/Kusd Swap Pool Have a community discussion , Welcome to join and share your thoughts .

Bifrost Fourm: https://forum.bifrost.finance/

Karura Forum: https://acala.discourse.group/c/karura/15


2、 Ecological construction

1)Online Talk

9 month 2 Japan ,Bifrost cofounder Lurpis Invited to participate by Subquery Sponsored AMA Express : With the normalization of parallel chain auction , The interoperability between chains will gradually be reflected , Boca's cross chain message transmission protocol XCM The upgrade will open more features , More business combinations will drive more project bidding parallel chains , Form a positive snowball effect .

9 month 2 Japan ,Bifrost Product Manager Invited to participate by Equilibrium and Genshiro Host Kusama Demo Day. adopt Slides The share of , understand Bifrost How to promote Parachain auction Of liquidity ?https://youtu.be/LWqmqV-Buhw

9 month 3 Japan ,Bifrost A guest Acala Live Community studio , Explain in detail about the future Bifrost Original assets online Karura SWAP The latest news of , as well as Bifrost SALP How the agreement will help partners during the second round of parallel chain slot auction ~

9 month 7 Japan ,Bifrost series Community Call stay Discord go online . Just SALP On line and in the second round Kusama The topic of how to support cooperative project parties in slot auction was discussed in depth . details :https://youtu.be/6LBYUCGKK7I

9 month 8 Japan ,Manta & Calamari Co sponsored by 「Fly Underwater — Web3.0 DeFi Privacy Forum 」 The invitation Bifrost Product Manager Tyrone Just DeFi How the project cuts into the topic of privacy protection and actively discusses , details :https://www.huoxing24.com/live/24312680

9 month 10 Japan ,Centrifuge union Odaily Planet daily and PolkaWorld Hold an online live conference , From the perspective of the project side in the front line of bidding , Share and discuss Kusama auction The story behind and the future , Explore new opportunities for Poka Ecology .https://play.yunxi.tv/pages/fca1b8a17fd1407f8cdd12b90e7dff61?openId=oY3TsvgtwDF6VxqhA5OGjcB2TitU#/

9 month 25 Japan ,Bifrost Core developer Yang Rong was invited to the third phase Substrate Saturday, With XCMP Auction liquidity agreement in card slot SALP Give a speech on the application of , From a technical point of view SALP Decentralized voting Workflow.


2)SALP cooperation

8 month 31 solstice 9 month 2 Japan ,Bifrost Respectively with Manta Network First network Calamari、Centrifuge First network Altair as well as HydraDX First network Basilisk Achieve cooperation ,Bifrost SALP Will pass through XCM ump transact Decentralize and provide slot auction services .

9 month 16 Japan ,Bifrost Slot mobility protocol SALP The official launch , Synchronization support on the day of Launch Basilisk、Altair as well as Kintsugi Slot auction . User pass SALP Voting pledge for the above four items will correspond to the following: vsKSM and vsBond, Unlock pledge liquidity .

9 month 17 Japan ,Bifrost And Kintsugi(Interlay First network ) Announce cooperation , Will adopt SALP help Kintsugi The second round Kusama Slot auction .Kintsugi(Interlay First network ) register Bifrost SALP Realize the release of slot auction liquidity .

9 month 17 Japan ,Bifrost SALP Deal with the Zenlink SlotVault Dapp Integration Protocol , Provide the user with release information crowdloan Options for pledged liquidity . User pass Zenlink SlotVault Medium 『Advanced mode 』 The options are Altair and Kintsugi crowdloan vote . The mode is SALP Under the integration of , Cast... While voting vsKSM and vsBond Derivative (1 KSM=1 vsKSM + 1 vsBond), Used to unlock pledge liquidity .

9 month 24 Japan ,Bifrost and Parallel First network Heiko Achieve cooperation ,Parallel Heiko Passed SALP Referendum proposal and successful implementation in the chain , At present, small partners can click Bifrost Dapp Link to vote to get Heiko Crowdloan Reward ,SALP Voting channels :https://bifrost.app/vcrowdloan


3) Offline activities

9 month 25 Japan , from Polkaworld Host Polkadot & friends Meetup Held in Chengdu ,Bifrost PM Tyrone Invited to participate in this discussion , Just Web3.0 Next DeFi How to continue to achieve re outbreak expounds the current Bifrost Project planning and progress .



9 month 2 Japan ,Mathwallet Already supported Bifrost Nework,BNC The holder may MathWallet app Add a personal address to , Inquire about BNC balance :https://mathwallet.org/zh-cn/

Bifrost Forum The foundation has been built and put online in December . The forum is currently divided into three sections , Respectively Governance、Midgard And the Chinese section . Welcome small partners in wechat community to actively post and discuss :https://forum.bifrost.finance/

9 month 8 Japan ,Bifrost Main network Runtime Successfully upgraded v0.8.4 edition , This version will support Kusama and Bifrost Two way asset cross chain ,KSM Can be found in Bifrost And Kusama Interoperation in the network .

9 month 13 Japan ,SALP: The article "derivatives open a new era of parallel chain auction" was issued , This paper deeply analyzes SALP Operation principle and mechanism of , At the same time SALP Crowdloan On the basis of , Analysis of the vsKSM and vsBond. At present ,SALP Online and supporting Altair and Kintsugi Of Kusama Parallel chain auction . Voting channels :https://bifrost.app/vcrowdloan

Bifrost The community is integrating , Invite domestic partners to join overseas communities to get the latest news of the project . Here are Bifrost Discord and Telegram Community links :

Telegram: https://t.me/bnc_cn

Discord: https://discord.gg/bifrost-finance



9 month 24 Japan ,Bifrost Airdrop activity online , Accumulated powdering of activities 2000 people , Forwarding super 2500+, The winners will be announced today , The reward will be in kUSD complete Karura To Bifrost Cross chain distribution .https://gleam.io/competitions/09odZ

9 month 28 Japan ,Bifrost 9 month 27 Japan ,Artwork Competition Go online overseas , Make a work on the theme of Nordic mythology , The winner will divide up 1000 gold BNC Reward ! See the link for detailed activity rules : https://forum.bifrost.finance/t/nft/1068


1、 technology / Product progress

DEX Protocol

  • Complete the second round of testing . This test uses Zenlink DEX EVM edition , Successfully deployed to Moonriver, Testing period , Finish near 2000 transaction , It's working .
  • complete 「Bootstrap」 function . This function will help to initialize and establish the liquidity pool , Introduce more liquidity through additional incentives . At present, we provide EVM and Module Two versions of Bootstrap, among Module Version has been submitted to Bifrost, future Zenlink Will be in Bifrost Start first on Bootstrap function ; and EVM Version has been started in the second round of testing .
  • EVM The version code has been submitted to the well-known blockchain security company 「 Slow fog technology 」 Conduct a comprehensive safety audit .


  • Before the second round of test, the existing functions were optimized for the test , Fixed some bug, Improved in EVM Interactive experience in the environment .
  • Successfully launched the second round of public beta . During the public beta , We get a lot of feedback from users , After screening , We conducted a round of repair optimization , It is expected to bring a better to the community when it is officially launched Zenlink DEX DApp.
  • After the second round of testing ,Zenlink Team and Bifrost Conducted a round of joint tests , The goal is to verify and optimize Zenlink DEX Module stay Bifrost Applicability on parallel chains .
  • Advancing access Shiden The plan for .Shiden yes Kusama Upper DApp Foundation platform , It also supports EVM virtual machine 、WASM Contracts and Layer2 etc. DApp The basic solution needed .


  • Officially deployed online Zenlink SlotVault, Up to now, it has been connected to the second batch of participants Kusama Slot Auction Projects include Manta Network /Clover Finance /ChainX /Crust Network /Centrifuge /InterBTC.
  • Successful integration Bifrost SALP function , And access Calamari/Altair/Kintsugi BTC.Bifrost SALP It allows users to participate in Kusama Card slot Auction, And get the corresponding vsKSM and vsBond token, And released Crowdloan pledge KSM The liquidity of .


2、 ecology / Progress in cooperation

9 month 17 Japan ,Zenlink SlotVault Formal and Bifrost SALP Integrate , Provide the user with release information crowdloan Pledge liquidity options , User selectable Zenlink SlotVault Medium 『Advanced mode 』 Option to use this function as Altair and Kintsugi crowdloan Vote and release crowdloan Pledge liquidity .


3、 Community / Activity progress

1) Community dynamics

8 month 31 Japan , from Zenlink Decentralization of team building PLO Support applications Zenlink SlotVault DApp The official launch , And publish the tutorial , The first support projects include Calamari(Manta Network)、Sakura(Clover)、SherpaX(ChainX)、Crust Shadow(Crust) etc. .

9 month 1 Japan ,Zenlink Announce 《Calamari crowdloan touch 10 ten thousand KSM Step hardtop ,Zenlink SlotVault Suspend the new pledge 》.

9 month 2 Japan ,Zenlink SlotVault Formal access Centrifuge, For its first network Altair Auction Kusama Parallel chain slots provide support , Up to now SlotVault help Altair crowdloan The cumulative contribution of has reached 18600+ KSM.

9 month 4 Japan ,Zenlink SlotVault Formal access InterBTC, For its first network Kintsugi BTC Auction Kusama Parallel chain slots provide support . Up to now ,SlotVault help Kintsugi BTC crowdloan The cumulative contribution of has reached 7600+ KSM.

9 month 7 Japan ,Zenlink Announce completion by Alameda Research Strategic financing supported by other institutions , Other participating institutions include IOSG Ventures、Hashkey Capital、OKEx Blockdream Ventures、Hypersphere Ventures、SNZ Holding、SevenX Ventures、DFG、TRG Capital、PAKA, Among them, angel round investment institutions IOSG Ventures、HashKey Capital We will continue to increase investment in this round .

9 month 9 Japan ,HappyBlock Publish a picture to read Zenlink, Yes Zenlink The key information is refined and analyzed , View details :https://twitter.com/ZenlinkPro/status/1435912567822557187?s=20

9 month 10 Japan ,PolkaWarriors Release about Zenlink SlotVault Of Twitter Threads , It shows SlotVault And introduces its highlights . View details :https://twitter.com/PolkaWarriors_/status/1436233944916135939?s=20

9 month 10 Japan ,DFG Publish articles 《Polkadot-Native Zenlink Brings a Twist to the DEX Universe》, Yes Zenlink The development prospect of . View details :https://twitter.com/DFG_OfficiaI/status/1436289184394711040?s=20

9 month 12 Japan ,Zenlink Officially open the second round of community test applications , And in 9 month 15 The second test was officially launched on November , At home and abroad 200 The user successfully applied and participated in the test , By 9 month 22 Japan Zenlink The second round of community test has been successfully completed and has been highly praised by communities at home and abroad , More test feedback and sharing view :https://twitter.com/ZenlinkPro

9 month 16 Japan ,Polkadot News Release Zenlink Second test experience sharing article 《Zenlink DEX: 2nd Beta Test》, View details :https://twitter.com/polkadotnews/status/1438473177768857606?s=20

9 month 22 Japan ,Zenlink to update SlotVault PC Advanced mode and simple mode of mobile terminal, and easy-to-use tutorial of mobile terminal .


2) Brand events

9 month 9 Japan ,Zenlink Guo Tao conducted a discussion in the vernacular blockchain community with the theme of 『 Boca Ecology DeFi Ecology kicks off ,Zenlink How to prepare for the launch ?』 On line AMA, Yes Zenlink The latest progress and future plans of , Review of details 《 Boca Ecology DeFi Kicked off , Boca cross the chain DEX agreement Zenlink How to prepare for the launch ?》.

9 month 10 Japan ,Zenlink Guo Tao was invited to participate in interstellar cruise and Centrifuge Explore poca together DeFi New paradigm and Altair Parallel chain auction press conference , And participated in the theme of 『Web3.0 Next ,DeFi How to link to the real world ?』 The round table forum of .

9 month 16 Japan ,Zenlink Guo Taoyu Bifrost founder Lurpis Invited by PolkaWorld Sponsored 『 Ask no questions 』PolkaWorld Community Q & a live broadcast issue 20 , Yes Bifrost SALP and Zenlink SlotVault Operation demonstration and Q & A were carried out .

9 month 23 Japan ,Zenlink Guo Tao was invited to attend by Bluemountain Labs The theme of the event is 『 Boca's first cross chain DEX agreement Zenlink How to open Boca DeFi The new age ?』 Live community broadcast of .

9 month 25 Japan ,Zenlink Guo Tao was invited to attend by PolkaWorld And Web3 The foundation 、Parity、Polkadot Co sponsored by 『Polkadot A multi chain interoperability system 』 Polkadot&friends Meetup Offline activities in Chengdu , The theme is 『Web3.0 Next generation applications 』 Round table sharing .



1) Completed the decentralized money market agreement (Money Market) Development of 、 Audit 、 Repair after testing and audit .

2) For our loan Pallet The module is added to the governance module : The interest rate model can be adjusted dynamically , Pledge rate , Liquidation incentive and other parameters . This allows us to try to have APY In the case of income , Through different ways to stimulate users' borrowing and lending behavior in the test network .

3) complete Parallel-js SDK Development and integration of : The library provides the necessary metadata for our back-end to achieve Polkadot{js} Query and submit transactions .

4) And SubQuery Integrate : This allows users to process and query based on our Substrate The data of the underlying chain .

5) Deploy the clearing client :Parallel Decentralized money market agreements have different strategies to perform clearing . The clearing tool includes an automatic clearing algorithm , The algorithm will execute according to the percentage of user account shortage , To ensure the security of the borrower's account .

6) Use Rust Development oracle-client: This allows us to obtain price data from multiple sources to aggregate execution prices on the chain .

7) Redesign our Web End application , Provide users with enhanced and simple UI/UX: In the past few months , Through user research , We collected and listened to user feedback . therefore , We are 8 A new design version was released in June , Create a pleasant product experience for users :https://testnet.parallel.fi/#/

8) Complete the liquidity pledge POC V1.0 Version of the architecture design : Users can now pledge their KSM assets , Earn interest bearing tokens , And cancellation of pledge . Derivatives from mortgages can also be used in money markets , Earn double interest by lending . Please continue to pay attention to the of our liquidity release products V2.0 edition .

9) Release Acution Crowdlloan page : Is currently involved in Kusama The first 9-10 Bidding for card slot . It can be done by Acution Crowdlloan Page participation Parallel-Heiko To get HKO Reward :https://app.parallel.fi/#/auction




MiniXChain It's based on Substrate frame , use aura + grandpa An open alliance chain of consensus , In the end, it will pass Spider Cross chain agreements are derived into ChainX Parallel chains of .MiniXChain Will support something like DID/NFT  And so on .ComingChat Will be the first use case , Decentralize digital identity CID and NFT Wait for the application to be deployed to  MinixChain In the alliance chain , Use Mini Points as a handling fee .


Development progress :

1. It's done MiniX C-CARD Dutch auction contract .

  • At present ComingChat Users have broken through 60 ten thousand ,C-CARD Offline auctions can no longer meet the growing demand for NFT Transaction demand .
  • MiniX Auction Contracts on the chain will help ComingChat The launch of the auction application .

2. Perfect MiniX CID Statistical function .



SherpaX And ChainX The design is highly similar , yes ChainX Advanced network , Experimental , Authenticity , The characteristic of being independent . Some new technological innovations and attempts will be made in SherpaX Previous experiments ( Such as frontier-evm). I am participating in Kusama Bidding for the second batch of slots .

Development progress

1. It's solved SherpaX use truffle Deploy evm The question of the contract .

2. It's done SherpaX On evm Accounts and Substrate Mutual transfer function of accounts .frontier The official didn't provide evm Accounts and substrate Direct transfer of account . We go through PreCompile Contract technology makes this mutual transfer possible .


3、Taproot BTC Cross chain scheme

The threshold signature is ChainX An important part of the new cross chain scheme , It needs to take the threshold signature wallet as the carrier . So , We have laid the foundation for the development of Threshold Signature Wallet , By providing Musig Implement the external callable interface , Also for Android、iOS and Windows Three platforms for adaptation , This makes it easy to call the basic library of threshold signature on these three platforms Musig Aggregate multiple signatures .


Project progress :

  • Implementation is based on substrate The threshold signature module of the framework , Use substrate Developers can easily integrate it and develop on it
  • Realization musig Of the plan rust External call interface , Other languages can easily interact with it musig
  • Realization Android、iOS and Windows Interface of three platforms , The applications of these three platforms can be used quickly musig Multi sign the scheme


Intelligent contract

Astar Network( primary Plasm)

1、 technology / Product progress

  • by Shiden Formal integration EVM Smart contracts support .https://github.com/PlasmNetwork/Astar/pull/397
  • by Shibuya The test network has added DApp Staking Tray .https://github.com/PlasmNetwork/Astar/pull/441
  • Deploy connection Shiden Experimental network Shibuya And Ethereum experimental network Rinkeby Cross chain bridge .https://etherscan.io/token/0x00e856ee945a49bb73436e719d96910cd9d116a4
  • Added polkadot-launch To configure , As one of the options to start the parallel chain test network locally .https://github.com/PlasmNetwork/Astar/pull/436
  • Added support for starting with development configuration astar-collator.https://github.com/PlasmNetwork/Astar/pull/423
  • restructure custom signature Tray .https://github.com/PlasmNetwork/Astar/pull/412
  • by Shiden Experimental network Shibuya Add a test token .https://github.com/PlasmNetwork/astar-faucet-bot
  • by Astar Portal add to contract call Support .https://github.com/PlasmNetwork/astar-apps/pull/14
  • to update Astar Portal External information transfer function , To match the latest tray updates .https://github.com/PlasmNetwork/astar-apps/pull/9
  • add to Shiden<> Front end of Ethereum cross chain bridge UI.https://github.com/PlasmNetwork/chainbridge-ui


2、 ecology / Community progress

Astar Network Announce start 3000 Thousands of dollars in Astar/Shiden Ecosystem Growth Fund , To achieve in Kusama and Polkadot Establish important DApp center . The first growth fund will be used for Astar/Shiden Builders Program Participants provide financial support ; Support ecosystem growth ; All kinds of activities ; Seed funds . about Astar/Shiden Developers on , Welcome to learn more :https://astar.network/builders-program/

Astar 2.0 The version was officially released , Will be built based on Polkadot Multiple chains of DApp center .Astar Network Support EVM、WASM And other virtual machines, including ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups Second floor expansion scheme including , And provide powerful DApp Staking The mechanism is DApp Operators provide long-term incentives . Beyond this ,Astar Announced that it will support Ethereum through the cross chain bridge 、BSC、Avalanche、Dfinity、Cosmos And other blockchain ecology .

Microsoft Japan officially announced its cooperation with Astar Network / Shiden Network Achieve cooperation , Will be for Astar/Shiden Project teams and developers within the ecosystem provide “Microsoft For Startups” Extensive support in the field of marketing and infrastructure .

Standard Protocol Official accession Astar Builders Program It was officially launched in Shiden Deployment of .Standard Protocol It is the first one based on poca ecosystem Collateralized Rebasable Stablecoin agreement .

CryptoMoments Officially in Shiden Network Create the first NFT market , For community members to purchase unique products generated by using relevant transaction data on the blockchain NFT.

Patract Labs

1、 technology / Product progress :

Redspot( Contract development scaffolding )

Release Redspot 0.12.2 edition ; upgrade Polkadot.JS, Update module file ; Fixed the issue of acquiring contracts for multi contract deployment Wasm hash Of bug; To follow up pallet-contracts The changes to the ; Repair delegator Examples of contracts endowment problem .

Elara (API service )

The published Elara v2.0, And in https://polkadot.js.org/apps Replace all with the new version , Users or developers are advised to update as soon as possible ; Fix some Elara v2.0 Of bug, And gradually in Elara v2.0 Enable on Elara- KV System ; Enable Elara- KV After the system ,Elara The load will be greatly increased .

Europa( Contract sandbox environment )

Release Europa v0.3.4 And v0.3.5 edition :v0.3.4 Versioning support stable Of seal_debug_message;v0.3.5 Version will be rent Set the parameter of 0, Simulated removal rent Functional version pallet-contracts. Use ink-rc5 Version developers , Please use v0.3.4 And later .

Ask! ( Contract language )

Development complete Ask! Generate event; Start developing Ask! Storage design ; Write guidance documents , It's done quickstart part .

Jupiter Test net

Jupiter Test network and Jupiter All parallel chains operate normally .

Parascan( Contract browser )

restructure scanner Of handler part (chain/account/tips/bounty/treasury); add to council, techical committee, democracy modular API ( Some details have not been measured ); Repair account multisig, archive and scanner Block rollback problem .

Metis( Contract development library )

Metis M1 Development completed and passed review; Release Metis Use the introduction document ; stay PatraShare Sharing , Use Metis Several rich development cases are introduced .


2、 Community / Activity progress

9 month 1 Japan ,PatraShare The first 11 period ,Patract CTO-Aten adopt 「ink! Development practices —— Combinatorial paradigm (Metis) Available ERC20」, Share with you in the description context of combinatorial paradigm , How to use Metis The contract standard library assembles really usable ERC20 contract .

9 month 15 Japan ,PatraShare The first 12 period ,Patract CTO-Aten adopt 「ink! Development practices —— Combinatorial paradigm (Metis) And ERC721 And Receiver」, Shared more with you Metis How to use the contract standard library .

9 month 17 Japan ,Patract CTO-Aten As a sharing guest Web3 Bootcamp And the members of the training camp had a talk about 《 How to use ink! Development 》 Technology sharing meeting .


3、 The work of Parliament :

  • Vote for Polkadot The second session of Parliament 69 Treasury bill No , About Polkadot.JS UX、UI Improvement and maintenance costs .
  • Vote for Polkadot The second session of Parliament 68 Treasury bill No , About 2021 year 6 month -8 month Subscan Expenditure on infrastructure costs .
  • Vote for Polkadot The second session of Parliament 67 Treasury bill No , About Polkadot The construction cost of the Spanish Education Center .
  • Vote for Polkadot The second session of Parliament 66 Treasury bill No , About Polkadot The operating costs of the Ecological Research Institute .
  • Vote for Polkadot The second session of Parliament 65 Treasury bill No , About Lumos Capital expenditure for the laboratory to start the recruitment of Indian incubators and preachers .



Moonbeam New partners & project

1、Moonbeam And Wanchain Achieve strategic integration , This integration will be promoted by giving developers the ability to build decentralized cross chain applications Kusama Of DeFi The ecological system .

2、C.R.E.A.M. Finance adopt Moonbeam Extended to Boca ,C.R.E.A.M. Finance Asset productivity will be improved by providing users with a range of options , So as to help Moonriver Of DeFi The development of ecosystem , As Boca (Polkadot) Strong liquidity and new sources of income .

3、Moonbeam union Magic Provide password free authentication for Boca decentralized application builders , This integration uses extensible password less authentication . This function is useful for finding new users and mainstream users to join in Moonbeam Ecosystem operation Web3 Applications are critical .

4、Moonbeam union Lido Bring liquidity pledge to Boca ,Lido The deployment of has accelerated Moonbeam In the ecological DeFi Plate development , It provides a way for asset holders to make effective use of their poca (Polkadot) Ecosystem assets .

5、Yuser stay Moonriver Launched the first NFT social contact App, The new innovation program is called Yuser.Network, Designed to NFT Communities and developers benefit .

6、MyWish Announce Integration Moonbeam, The implementation can be deployed without writing code ,MyWish Will join Moonriver  Automated smart contract creation , This will allow anyone to work in... Without writing any code Moonriver Issue smart contracts .

7、Authtrail Announce Integration Moonbeam,Authtrail Introduce enterprise customers into Moonbeam ecology , Promote the application of blockchain technology in the real economy .

8、DappLooker The data panel supports Moonbeam Network, This integration enables the project to create charts and data panels , To track smart contracts , And provide feedback on performance and adoption .

9、Moonriver Announce Integration AnySwap, Multi Chain span chain bridge AnySwap Announce the completion of Moonriver Deployment of , Provide security for users 、 Fast and easy-to-use asset cross chain services .

10、 Cross chain bridge Meter bridge Announced Online Moonriver The Internet , This launch will be Moonriver Provide a variety of assets and services DeFi Liquidity activities .

11、Bioconomy And Moonriver Integration of , To enable developers to use Bioconomy API Use cheap interactive services .


Community activities & Activity review


  • Moonbeam The introduction to developers course has been updated to page 7 course , Introduce Web3.py stay Moobeam Send transactions and deployment contracts on
  • Moonbeam Market leader Katie As a guest, I was invited to participate in Houston Blockchain Alliance Sponsored AMA, Early disclosure Moonriver What's new
  • Moonbeam founder Derek Invited to participate in Sanctor Turbo Blockchain project guidance plan
  • Moonbeam founder Derek Yoo Attend as a guest SushiSwap AMA, Share deployment Moonbeam A general guide to Ecology
  • Moonbeam founder Derek Yoo Participation by Messari Sponsored Mainnet 2021 Round Table Forum , And Kusama Parallel chain discusses the future development of Boca




1、Litentry Parallel chain development

  • Transfer related tests are added to the parallel chain integration test
  • Completed the parallel chain NFT pallet Of extrinsic Integration of
  • For parallel chains Docker file
  • Parallel chain docker-image Integrated into our CI in
  • To develop Litentry Preliminary plan for node reconfiguration
  • stay SGX The execution environment of the privacy module is added Account linker modular
  • Add... To the parallel chain collator Related modules
  • Implement... In a local environment try-runtime and runtime upgrade
  • For parallel chains chain-spec Make structural adjustments
  • Determine the parallel chain TS Test scripts and cumulus test suite
  • restructure identity modular , Add content to update identity and request judgment


  • It's done NFT indexer And mongodb、graphql and webapp Integration of
  • Deploy the parallel chain log system
  • Litentry registrar upgrade
  • complete MCP NFT contract /MerkleProof Of distributor
  • The upgrade Social Linker Extension To Manifest V3
  • take sentry releases Integrated into the Social Linker extension and webapp in

3、 Products and technologies

Announce the launch of the product My Crypto Profile, Identity Association tools for blockchain and social media platforms . utilize Litentry Automated multi platform verification solution ,“My Crypto Profile” Allows you to associate the user's Ethereum address with Twitter Account connection , And show it in the user's Twitter profile NFT

ecology .

Go to the center identity project incubation program (DID Startups Program) go online , The project is an incubation program designed to promote the development of early decentralized identity projects , Hope to provide a low noise information flow environment for the team , Build together DID Track and solve the current difficulties . The first teams of this incubation program include PNS、DeCredit、zCloak.

Update the auction plan of parallel chain card slot ,Litentry Will participate directly in Polkadot Parallel chain card slot auction.

4、 Markets and communities

Litentry Its products My Crypto Profile and Treasureland cooperation ,Treasureland User introduces cloud universe identity . This cooperation , The two protocols will be integrated with each other , And committed to improving My Crypto Profile Data integrity 、 function 、 Application scenarios and user experience . In addition, it also cooperates to launch MCP X Treasureland“UNCHARTED” rare NFT sweepstakes .

Launched with My Crypto Profile The originality of theme creation NFT Artwork , The first art creation is the Mona Lisa series .



Crust Network

technology / Product progress :

1. Main network : Stable operation 1 Months , The storage node has reached 7000, Storage capacity 2EB about ;

2. Main network : Online based on ChainBridge Cross chain bridge of assets , Support Ethereum and main network Crust Assets circulate with each other ;

3. Main network : complete IPFS CID v1 Support for ;

4. Main network : complete Crust Cross chain storage and go online Crust Files, Support includes Ethereum, Polkadot, Polygon, Near, Flow and Solana Storage requirements of multiple public chains ; 

5. Developer ecology :Gitcoin Completed on Sushiswap/Augur/Liquity DApp Hosting bounties;、

6. Developer ecology :Discord go online free storage, Developers can try it for free Crust Development storage DApp;

7. IPFS ecology : towards IPFS Community contribution W3Auth gateway as well as W3Auth pinning service;

8. TEE ecology : complete TEE Auth Chain Basic functions of , Offer based on Substrate Decentralization of TEE Certification services .


ecology / Progress in cooperation :

Singapore time 9 month 1 Japan 18:00,Crust Network The main network is on the 217 individual Era The official launch , At the same time, open a piece of reward ! before ,Crust The ark plan has been completed ,Maxwell Preview net test , Through third-party code audit , And officially delivered to DCF The foundation (Decentralized Cloud Foundation).

8 month 30 Japan ,Crust Open the Crowdloan, to 10 month 6 End of the day , Cover 5 Auction cycle of slots , This round Crowdloan The goal of raising funds is 80,000 KSM. Once the auction is successful , Each contributor KSM You can get 1 individual CRU and 1000 individual CSM Reward . 

Crust Maxwell Now online Candy Exchange function , Previously obtained by participating in community activities Candy It can be converted into... With one click in the account CRU. The exchange ratio is listed as 1000Candy : 1CRU.


Polygon Announce Integration Crust,Crust Will be for Polygon Users and developers provide 6000 Multi node and 2000 PB Decentralized storage experience of storage capacity . this ,Polygon Will integrate Crust Three typical applications , For file storage Files, in the light of NFT metadata Of Pins And aiming at Dapp The deployment of Hosts, Better help developers in Polygon Building applications on .

Heco Announce Integration Crust,Crust Will be for Heco Users and developers provide 6000 Multi node and 2000 PB Decentralized storage experience of storage capacity .Heco Eco user wallet login signature can be used Crust For storage !

Near Announce Integration Crust,Crust Will be for Near Users and developers provide 6000 Multi node and 2000 PB Decentralized storage experience of storage capacity .Near Eco user wallet login signature can be used Crust For storage !


Progress of community activities :

Crust union CoinMarketCap host “Learn & Earn” Activities ! Users can watch Crust Introduction video of , Focus on Crust Media platform and answer questions to get a total of 1150 individual CRU Reward . This activity will enable more overseas users to understand and experience Crust Storage !


DCF The foundation (Decentralized Cloud Foundation) Decide to start 『 node 100 plan 』, To improve the quality of nodes , To strengthen Crust Network security .『 node 100 plan 』 Support will be provided for high-quality nodes in the network . The node shall actively apply for identity authentication , For nodes that meet the conditions DCF No more than... Will be provided 2000 individual CRU Pledge of security . The total number of nodes supported does not exceed 100 individual .


Crust Wiki Now updated Q&A, Divided into multiple plates , For more details, please refer to :



Crust Now we provide free storage space for community partners and developers (Free Storage), Each application can obtain 0.01 individual CRU Every github Account can only be applied for 1 Time ,github The account must be created more than 6 Months .https://discord.com/channels/747361122058764349/885762751241289769


Crust Launch the main network storage function and use the tutorial video .IPFS Version link :https://ipfs-hk.decoo.io/ipfs/QmbS5j7xUkPapiWs3utyFJ6VGyoEH2y49TYizfPVZhUud1?filename=13832-storageusertutorial3-20210914-225325.mp4

Crust The main network and ERC-20 chain Bridge The function is now under open test , Welcome community partners to experience .

The Chinese telegraph community has been established , Communicate with more active community partners ! Chinese telegraph group ( Need scientific Internet ):https://t.me/cruchinese. meanwhile , Community partners in technology development can join Crust Discord group , And global Crust Developers communicate and discuss :https://discord.gg/prkGRTeMGN



Phala Network

1、 Technological progress


  • stay pRuntime Middle transplant async-std, Asynchronous is realized HTTP Ask for something to do with Side Task, Now the contract has been allowed to launch HTTP request
  • Economic model debugging and monitoring tools
  • Improved stability pRuntime stability , Added memory monitoring tool suite

Phala App

  • New in entrusted mortgage APR 、 Screening items of share rate and remaining quota
  • Historical problem repair


  • Reconstruct the network request module


2、 Ecological progress

8 month 30 Japan ,Khala Officially release the network governance mechanism , It aims to ensure that most stakeholders can always control the network .

9 month 1 Japan ,Khala The network officially opened the first parliamentary election , This campaign successfully launched 5 First board members , The seats of the follow-up Council will be supplemented to 11 position .

9 month 3 Japan ,Phala Prepare the main network Khala Online about Secure Worker The proposal of the operation mechanism was successfully passed by referendum , On 9 month 18 Officially opened on .

9 month 10 Japan ,Phala stay Acala Parallel chain Karura Parliament launched a proposal , The proposal involves cross chain messaging 、 stay Karura Listed above PHA Etc , The proposal aims to further enrich the cross chain communication of de trust in Boca ecology .


3、 Market progress

9 month ,PHA We have successively launched coin anqiao 、Alpaca Finance、Kaco Finance、OKEx Earn Such as platform / ecology .

9 month ,Phala Attended 「Kusama Demo Day」、「BeWater DevCon 2021 Global Developers Conference 」、「Fly Underwater - Web 3 DeFi Privacy Forum 」、「 Star Cruiser —— And Centrifuge Explore poca together DeFi The new paradigm , and Altair Parallel chain auction press conference 」、「Encode Polkadot Hackathon」、「Substrate Seminar」、「Building Web 3.0」7 An external marketing campaign , Preach Cloud Computing .

9 month ,Phala The Lord / Co organized 5 site AMA,1 A technical lecture , Synchronize with overseas users Khala Latest progress 、 analyse Phala Basic theory of Technology .

9 month ,Phala Successively sponsored 2021 year 「Polkadot Encode Hackathon」、「Rust China Conf 2021」, among , complete Polkadot Encode Hacker song Phala The winner of the contest can get up to 3000 dollar .

9 month 16 Japan ,Phala Announce and decentralize project incubators and Launchpad —— Seedify To enter into a strategic partnership , The two sides will cooperate on cloud services and other related businesses .



Technological progress

1. Calamari Runtime

  • Release Calamari The first production version of
  • stay Kusama Upper and Parity Team Test run together Calamari Runtime
  • And Kusama Push out the parallel chain Calamari runtime, And a healthy piece


2. Puget Sound Test net

  • Implement an improved version of the incremental Merkel tree to speed up transaction time
  • MantaPay Protocol storage layout optimization
  • complete Mac OS Of Manta-Signer


Community activities

9 month 1 Japan ,Manta & Calamari Core contributors Victor Ji Join the daily planet AMA, Share as Kusama The first online privacy agreement of Ecology ,Calamari Of Kusama Parallel chain auction strategy ;

9 month 2 Japan ,Manta & Calamari Core contributors Victor Ji To participate in Polkaworld 「 Ask no questions 」 The column , Answer community questions about Calamari A series of issues concerned by parallel chain auction ;

9 month 6 Japan ,Manta & Calamari Core contributors Victor Ji Be invited to BML Community live , And Crust Network How to share the privacy protection of stored data ;

9 month 8 Japan ,Manta Network The host Fly Underwater Forum , Invite top institutions Polychain、Coinfund、Multicoin、DeFiance, as well as Parity、Acala、Phala、Astar And other partners to share Poka ecological privacy scenes and cooperation opportunities , exceed 700 Community members attended .

9 month 15 Japan ,Manta Network  First network Calamari Network gain Kusama The first 7 Parallel chain slots , The pledge exceeds 21 ten thousand KSM,crowdloan The number of participants exceeds 16,000;

9 month 16 Japan ,Manta & Calamari Core contributors Victor Ji Accept Polkaworld Exclusive interview , Shared Calamari The next step after winning the slot ;

9 month 16 Japan Manta Network Core contributors Kenny Be invited to Kraken The activities of the exchange , Discuss Calamari The development process after obtaining the parallel chain ;

9 month 21 Japan ,Manta Network Head of China market Holly Invited to participate in SubQuery View The column , Shared Manta Network And its private financial vision ;

9 month 25 Japan ,Manta And PolkaWorld Hold offline Boca in Chengdu Meetup, Discuss together Web3.0 Next DeFi How applications explode ;

9 month 25 Japan ,Manta Network Core contributors Kenny In New York Mainnet 2021 Activities , And Gavin Wood Wait for Boca core members to have in-depth exchanges , And with Railgun Give a speech at a privacy event held jointly ;

9 month 26 Japan , By chain Wenhe Winkrypto CO produced a large-scale scene show 2021 Blockchain Live Show Will be in 9 month 25 solstice 29 Day launch , When the 50+ Industry leaders will speak 、 dialogue 、 Works exhibition, etc , Lead you into the past of the cryptocurrency industry 、 Now and in the future .Manta Network Core contributors Victor Ji Will also share keynote speeches 《DeFi The last missing link , What is? Web3.0 In the era of PriFi ( Privacy finance )》.



The release v2.2.6-beta - v2.3.4-beta Multiple iterative versions :

  • upgrade Karura The network plugin
  • Turn on Karura nft Module function
  • Turn on Liquid KSM Module function
  • Join in Bifrost Parallel chain support
  • Fix known bug


In development :

  • Karura collateral staking Module function upgrade , Ready to start
  • Acala EVM+ Module account function development
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