What is lightning network and lightning network and what is the relationship between them?

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Lightning network and lightning network look very similar , They have basically the same technical genes and goals , But it also deduces their own life trajectory , Serve different bosses , Lightning network is a well deserved brother , The boss is bitcoin , The master of lightning network is Ethereum .

Both are to solve the problems of slow transfer speed and network congestion , It is a technology of off chain payment . So-called “ Offline payment ”, That is, the user transfers blockchain assets , Not on the main chain , But under the chain , It's called off chain payment . Today, let's talk about lightning network and what lightning network is , And the difference between them .

 01  Lightning network

Only... Can be processed per second 7 For bitcoin in this transaction , How to realize small amount 、 high frequency 、 Instant payment in a fast retail scenario , Become the biggest pain point of bitcoin payment .

2016 year 1 month 14 Japan , Lightning network “ white paper ” publish , A capacity expansion solution under the second layer chain of bitcoin is proposed . The main principle is to put transactions outside the bitcoin main chain , It enables users to transfer bitcoin with lower cost and higher efficiency , Realize fast point-to-point micro payment transactions under the chain .

2017 year 1 month , The implementation of the first lightning network ——lnd, Released Alpha edition .2018 year 3 The monthly beta began to land , This year, 12 month 4 The date of ,Bitfinex Officially support lightning network deposit and withdrawal . The transfer agreement between lightning networks is called channel Channel, It's actually a smart contract , Only code to manage , Automatic operation .

Channels should be established between nodes , You have to deposit bitcoin or Ethereum into the channel . Transfer between nodes , All in the contract , Smart contract can record the final result on the bitcoin main chain .

Outside the main chain , Lightning networks allow payment channels to be opened between nodes , All payment channels remain active , Until either party voluntarily leaves the channel and closes it , In theory, it can support more than millions of transactions per second , Transaction time in milliseconds , Transaction costs are extremely low , Enough to support small 、 High frequency retail scenario payment .

 02  Lightning network

Lightning network is a solution to extend the chain , It is a payment network based on Ethereum network , Without mutual trust , Can achieve near instant , Low cost and scalable payment .

It is a supplement to Ethereum blockchain , With anything  ERC20  Use with compatible tokens , Its goal is to study the state channel technology , Define protocols and develop implementations .

 03  The difference between the two

1、 Based on different chains

Lightning network is based on bitcoin network , Lightning network runs on Ethereum network . And Lightning network no Token, It is the second layer of bitcoin network , And not a blockchain .

2、 The development process is different

Lightning network , Regardless of the number of slave nodes 、 Number of channels , Or network capacity and other indicators to measure , Lightning networks have grown several times over the past year .

data display , As of this year 9 month 28 Japan , Its online payment node has reached 27222 individual , Payment channel 73621 individual . For now , Lightning network operation is still complex , The user needs to understand the node 、 Concepts such as channels , There are also certain risks in security , The current scale of lightning network is not large .

Compare lightning networks , Lightning network has no special field restrictions on message format because of Ethereum smart contract , It solves the problem of identification and invalidation of old version snapshots . But the lightning network has not been completed yet , Is gradually establishing , And added more functions in the development process .

What do you think is the biggest difference between lightning network and lightning network ? Welcome to the message area .

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