The content economy is imminent, and the era of decentralized creator economy will come

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The original title :《 Let the creator be CEO, Decentralized creator economy (Creator Economy) rise 》

author : Fang Qinyu

last year , The epidemic has promoted the outbreak of live broadcasting industry , There is a bigger trend behind it, which is emerging all over the world “ The creator economy ”(Creator Economy). No matter how tiktok 、Roblox Corporation Good , It's all... In essence “ The creator economy ”.


More and more platforms offer subsidies for creators , To attract them to continue to provide high-quality content for the platform . Although subsidies may be a drop in the bucket for most creators , But this creates a possibility , That is, the creator of the head can get direct income through content , To monetize content , Instead of using free content to attract traffic for conversion —— The two business models are completely different .

Global social giant Twitter Seems to see a kind of comparison “ The creator economy ” A more advanced model , That is, decentralized creator economy .Twitter stay 2019 Announced the launch of the decentralized social media project Bluesky, The project was launched this year 8 The month is cold started ,Twitter Founder jack · Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) Before announcement Zcash( Encrypt privacy items ) Core developers Jay Grabe Will lead Bluesky, It means “ Another step in the decentralization of Twitter and social media ”.

The biggest difference between the decentralized creator economy and the creator economy of this generation is the distribution of benefits , Because of decentralization ,“ Creator - The mediation - social media ” In this interest chain ,“ The mediation ” May be completely destroyed . Maybe some people don't catch a cold , But the consequences for a centralized world can be devastating . for example , The cheetah moved with FaceBook Our advertising partnership has achieved rapid growth , Once overseas advertising revenue was only APP The end can reach about 80 Thousands of dollars / God . And in the FaceBook Adjust algorithm , After opening the advertising platform to more third-party advertising platforms , The cheetah moves and loses. It's super 100% Quarterly revenue growth , Year by year, it is going to lose money .

The weakness of creators under the centralized creator economy

Web 2.0 Allow users to upload self generated content to the Internet , The first concept was O’Reilly Vice president of media Dale Dougherty Put forward .

The emergence of network media first divided the cake of traditional media , and Web 2.0 The emergence of redefines content producers , It has made a deep change in the content industry : Content producers are composed of a small number of experts or professional institutions —— Everyone can be a content producer , Large platforms use distribution and algorithm mechanisms , Basically monopolize the creator's labor and the way the audience receives information , Become the biggest winner .

Under the background of epidemic catalysis and the rise of house culture ,“ The creator economy ” Has risen .

Current “ The creator economy ” It can't protect the interests of the Creator , Relative to the platform side , Creators are still in a weak position , Most are divided into platforms 、 Extracted from the channel , May even have no ownership of the brand .

Li Ziqi and MCN The company's disputes have exposed the weak position of creators . Due to disputes with the company ,“ Plum seven ” Account number 2 It hasn't been updated for six months , Up to now “ Plum seven ” Li Jiajia, the actor of, changed the equity cooperation into a deed of sale , Li Jiajia may lose his love for Li Ziqi IP The right of return 、 Trademark right , Li Jiajia himself became the company's content creation tool .

Li Jiajia's own response to this is “ Capital is a good means ”, The mainstream public opinion also stays on the equity relationship between Li Jiajia and the company and the contract itself , as well as “ Plum seven ” The brand may be damaged after breaking up with Li Jiajia . How to prevent such things in the future , In fact, there is no good solution .

that , Is it capital digging holes for content creators ? Actually , Before the Li Ziqi incident , Because of the unequal status with the channel , Similar ills have been in the pop music industry 、 The field of art has been exposed .

Pop music industry 、 The art industry began to test the water NFT, Trying to start a creator's revolution , The creator economy that promotes decentralization .

Chinese Singaporean singer songwriter Chen Huanren made a speech this year 4 On Opensea He auctioned his new original works at the auction “Nobody gets me”, This is the first time that a Chinese singer NFT Sell your music in the form of . Before launching the NFT front , He says free platforms devalue music , It's not easy for him to live with musicians of his generation , Expect the next generation of musicians to work harder , He wants to test the water with his body NFT, Bring dawn to the next generation of Chinese musicians .

Jay-Z、Snoop Dogg、Juice J And other rappers also test the water in their personal capacity NFT, With fans 、 Connect directly with the community . Except for the singers , Some innovative music copyright platforms are also seeking decentralization , To break the current monopoly of digital music giants , for example Audius、Voice Street、Melos etc. , Tilt towards the creator , And encourage... With the circular economy in the platform 、 Attract creators .

NFT Art trading platform is the most direct for artists' royalty reform ,Opensea When the platform appears , Every circulation of works of art means that artists can enjoy sharing .

Decentralization of social media

Content 、 Tools 、 community , Are three important factors in the rise of Creator economy , The massive rise of the creator economy is not divorced from the development of social media .

It is precisely because creators have more motivation to personalize their expression on social networks , The content of production also has realizable value , Therefore, there is a wide range of “ The creator economy ”, And in the process , Social networks are designed for creators “ like ”、“ Focus on ”、“ subscribe ”、“ forward ” Are key buttons , Pave the way for the creator's economy , The essence of Creator economy is creator capital —— On social media , Expressed as user generated capital .

No decentralized social media , The decentralized content creation platform is minority ,NFT As a means of payment or identity mark carrying cultural content , Will drive the historical process of decentralized social media . therefore ,Twitter High on NFT It's not by chance , Support their enthusiasm for NFT Power , Behind it is the development from decentralized social media to decentralized creator economy .

2019 year , twitter CEO Jack Dorsey On his own twitter, he said that the development of centralized social media has encountered obstacles , Twitter has begun to study decentralized social media .Jack Dorsey mention , In the past, twitter had a chance , Developed into something like an e-mail protocol SMTP Such decentralized Internet standard applications , But because of the situation , And make twitter finally choose a different development path , Become today's social media .

in addition , He thinks that , Build a decentralized media department , And look for publicly established standards , It also helps to solve the current proliferation of false information in centralized social media 、 Keyboard man's bad atmosphere .

With NFT This year's explosive development ,Twitter Restart this once stranded plan , And announced this month . These measures are actually linked , First, an important function of the creator's economy “ Reward ” change , Supports encrypted payment , An attempt was made to create a NFT Avatar verification , At the same time, a fund was established , This is actually paying for the future of decentralized social media 、 Authentication and monetization of content , In this series of measures , There is also the problem of social currency to be dealt with , In order to connect creators and fans more smoothly 、 Community .

By the end of time ,Twitter Our executives have published about user settable NFT New feature video of personal avatar , This shows that Twitter Ready to .

Decentralized creator economy must involve decentralized social media , That is to say , Younaifei 、HBO、 Disney is not enough , It also needs to be Facebook、Twitter Join us . Only with decentralized social media , Decentralized content production ecology will be built faster , At this time, the right to speak will be handed over to the Creator —— Everyone is a creator , And the creator becomes his own CEO.

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