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As a front-end developer, you will inevitably come into contact with some third-party libraries , And most of these third-party libraries are named in English . So today P Uncle will take you to review the words easily accessible to front-end developers .



mocha, pronounce as “ Muka ”, Transliteration “ mocha ”, yes JavaScript One of the more famous test frameworks in . As a Chinese user, this word is often read as “ Matcha ”,P Uncle, once a colleague who had studied abroad, read it like this , I mercilessly corrected ( If this colleague reads this article , Please remember to appreciate ). therefore  mocha  It's coffee , In this way, we can understand why it is logo It's a brown badge , There's a cup of coffee on it .

The curious little friend will continue to ask , What is Matcha . Matcha is “まっちゃ”, read “ Maga ”, Transliteration into English becomes  matcha, Pinyin is ,“ma-chja”, For accurate reading, you can use dictionary software . Here is Matcha, which grinds the tea into powder , The practice of soaking up and drinking actually originated in China , After the Ming Dynasty, China began to drink tea more directly by boiling water , Matcha gradually disappeared . However, Matcha continued to be popular after it spread to Japan , And it involves “ ZenTao 、 The tea ceremony ” What happened , So many people misunderstand that they equate Matcha with Japan .

When it comes to tea , Just continue with the second word  

tea  Chai


chai  It's an assertion library . Support TDD and BDD Two modes . stay JavaScript Early testing was very popular . It makes our test assertions very readable , Like the following .

expect(tea).to'flavors') .with.lengthOf(3);

Chai In most contexts, it means tea , This can also be regarded as evidence of the development of Chinese tea all over the world . But as for “chai”  And the words we know “tea”  What's the difference between tea ? Those who want to study deeply can dig by themselves ;p Uncle actually read a lot about these two words , Don't worry about correctness , It's always interesting to say everything .

chai The current popularity may be due to jest The rise of new testing tools , But you can also go back to the ancients chai To write assertions .

The testing tools and framework , You have to mention another library

Jasmine  The jasmine


jasmine  The word jasmine is relatively remote ,jasmine As a test framework, front-end development may be more remote . however jasmine Although not famous , But now the sun is at its zenith jest stay 14.0  It used to depend on jasmine Of , stay jest 14.0  after , because jasmine There is no active development in itself , It's abandoned jasmine This dependence .

Share a picture , On the way to Nanjing this year , It was taken during the rest in Jiangsu Service Area .

The English name of a service area in Jiangsu covers the front-end Related words


js:  We  JavaScript Abbreviation express node.js  The field is resounding web  frame jasmine  Old front end test framework

I think it's very interesting to share with you . Said coffee , Said tea , Said jasmine tea , Let's talk about how to drink .

Take a swig  gulp


gulp.js It's a flow based build tool , Writing gulp The script is like using the pipeline of the command-line program , The constructed processes are strung one by one through chain expression . It's very readable . Simultaneous adoption  code over configuration  Our design concept is also p The way uncle likes , After all, a string of JSON Compared with a piece of code, your expressive ability is not comparable .

Back to gulp The original meaning of the word , Gulp down .gulp.js Of logo Look, we can guess that it means to inhale drinks in a storm .


I wrote an article like this on a whim , In fact, I think the naming in programming is very interesting , Explore the meaning behind it, and you will feel happy to smile . If this little composition can bring you a little happy smile , Remember to share .


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