Front end weekly (IX): layui quits the historical stage, posture detection tensorflow.js, ghost dependence hazards, code flow chart

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Weekly collection includes front-end ( But not limited to the front end ) The article 、 Journalism 、 Open source project 、 Tools, etc , Updated every Monday .


layui Coming out of history

layui The official website will be on 2021 year 10 month 13 Go offline on the day .


Webpack 5.54.0 Release

Webpack 5.54.0 Has been released , The main updates are :

  1. Features
  • Constant folding has been improved to allow more && || and ?? Branch
  • Allow in webpack Use all... In hashing, use output.hashFunction To configure
  • Use... In modules eval when , No longer completely jump out of the internal diagram analysis
  1. Bug Repair
  • force bump enhanced - The way to solve the error
  1. Performance
  • Reduce the creation of snapshots Allocation times at
  • add to output.hashFunction: "xxhash64" One is based on wasm Super fast hash function
  • Improve short string serialization UTF-8 transformation
  • Improve the of dependencies hashing performance

Taro 3.3.9 Release

newly added Taro After the applet side is built, it supports CI( Continuous integration ) Plug in for :@taorjs/plugin-mini-ci. Support the automatic opening of applet developer tools after construction 、 Upload as experience version 、 Generate preview QR code ( Only wechat is supported for the time being 、 byte 、 Baidu 、 Alipay applet ).


Enterprise wechat super large project - Cross platform UI Framework best practices

️   near 20k Star If you say you don't do it, you won't do it , But the summary is worth learning

Use MediaPipe BlazePose GHUM and TensorFlow.js Conduct 3D Attitude detection

3D Posture detection is fitness 、 Medical care 、 Applications such as motion capture open up new design opportunities . In the browser through 3D Action capture to drive character animation is a cool case . Let's try it ~


Real time Demo :

️ The harm of ghost dependence

“ Ghosts depend on ” refer to Some... Are used in the project Not defined in its package.json In file Of package .

Partytown: stay Web Worker Run a third-party script

40 A non V8 JavaScript To achieve contrast

Index Signatures in TypeScript


Theatre.js: Motion Design

It can be programmed and visualized to use Three.js、HTML/SVG Even small page elements or js Variable values are created 3D Object animation .

20 Complete machine learning model training and deployment in seconds ?! say something Pipcook 2.0

Webpack Principle series 10 :HMR Principle full analysis

React Evolution of framework runtime optimization scheme

How to use GitHub Actions Automate the development process

The author introduces how their company uses GitHub Actions, Automate various development steps , There are many examples , Demonstrated the test 、 Code formatting 、 structure 、 How to write the deployed configuration file .

CSS The absolute length units of are not accurate

CSS Several units of length belong to absolute length , Like pixels px、 centimeter cm、 Inch in、 spot pt. however , These units are not the exact length .

JavaScript Monetary calculation in

When we calculate money , It must be very rigorous , Make sure every penny counts , however JavaScript Of Number Type is not competent for the job , In this paper , The author will introduce Number Why you are not competent for the job and how to do it in JavaScript Calculate money correctly in .

JavaScript eventing deep dive

Relearn browser Events .

Inferential pre rendering

Tools 、 Software

Elk: For embedded systems, small-scale js engine

Code2flow: Generate call flow diagram for dynamic language

Support JavaScript, Python, Ruby and PHP.


Hotkey: Easy to use shortcut binding library

<a href="/page/2" data-hotkey="j">Next</a>
<a href="/help" data-hotkey="Control+h">Help</a>
<a href="/rails/rails" data-hotkey="g c">Code</a>
<a href="/search" data-hotkey="s,/">Search</a>

React CountUp

Simply show dynamic digital effects .


next-i18next: Translate your Next.js application

react-windows-ui: Windows Fluent Style UI



ow: Human oriented function parameter verification tool library

import ow from 'ow';

const unicorn = {
 stars: {

ow(unicorn, ow.object.exactShape({
 rainbow: ow.string,
 stars: {
  value: ow.number
//=> ArgumentError: Expected property `stars.value` to be of type `number` but received type `string` in object `unicorn`

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