20 flutter libraries you should know

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In this paper , We will discuss 20 One of the most useful and commonly used libraries , Many developers like them , If you do flutter Development of , You should know that . And all of these support Android and IOS System .

1. Google Map

At present, most applications need Google Maps, This library provides you with Google Maps Many of the services needed in the application . Even you can customize it in your own way .

mapType: MapType.hybrid,
initialCameraPosition: _kGooglePlex,
onMapCreated: (GoogleMapController controller) {


This library enables you to start URL To your web browser , They also support starting your native mode URL, Telephone , SMS , E-mail, etc .

_launchURL() async { 
const url = 'https://flutter.dev’;
if (await canLaunch(url)) {
await launch(url);
} else {
throw '
Could not launch $url’;

3.Firebase packages (FlutterFire)

This is not a separate , It is a set of collection Libraries ,firebase Support your flutter Applications .

We use it in our applications firebase To implement a variety of different methods , For example, messaging 、 Database etc. .

therefore , Here you can find all these things according to your requirements , It provides a separate library for this .


State management is an important part of our application ,Provider Provide the current data model where we currently need it .

Provider yes InheritedWidget The wrapper , You can use... More easily with less boilerplate code .

Provider Is the most basic Provider widget type . You can use it for widget Provide values anywhere in the tree ( Usually data model objects ). however , When the value changes , It won't help you update widget Trees .


This is also a state management library .Bloc(Business Logic Component) Design patterns , This is a kind of similar to MVVM Patterns of things .

Bloc widget It is the basic component you need to implement all business logic . In order to use it , Please expand Bloc Class and rewrite mapEventToState and initialState Method .


It is also a state management library .GetX Provides state management 、 A combination of dependency injection and routing management solutions , Can work well together .

GetX yes Flutter An ultra light and powerful solution . It combines high-performance state management quickly and practically 、 Intelligent dependency injection and routing management .


Redux for Dart Use generics for typed States . It contains rich documentation 、 middleware 、 Development tools ecosystem , And you can use flutter_redux Bag and Flutter combination .


RxDart yes Dart Language's reactive functional programming library , be based on ReactiveX.

It is also a library of state management solutions .


It provides a callback when the position changes . We can easily manage our applications in maps and other uses , We need the current location , If the user's location changes , Then our application will be updated in real time , Without having to call the function again and again .


We can Flutter Get the current device information from the application . This means that they provide information about your device , Like the operating system version 、 Name, etc .


It provides local database storage , It's like we're here Android Use in Sqlite equally .

It is mainly used for local storage , Provide solutions for the creation and storage of large tables .

12.Cached network image

One flutter library , Used to display images from the Internet , And save it in the cache directory .

The main purpose of this library is that you can only load images once , Then the library saves it in the cache . So you don't need to load again and again .


Shared Preferences Used to store data key value pairs locally , Without too much code structure or table creation .

If you know android Of Shared-preferences, Then you will see that the library is the same .


This package provides internationalization and localization facilities , Including message translation 、 Numbers and gender 、 date / Number formatting and parsing , And two-way text .

15.Path provider

One Flutter plug-in unit , Used to find common locations on the file system . Support iOS、Android、Linux and macOS. Not all platforms support all methods .

16.Google fonts

Flutter Of google_fonts The package allows you to Flutter Easy to use in applications from fonts.google.com Of 977 Fonts ( And its variants ) Any one of them .


This plugin is in your flutter Various types of chart structures are provided in the project , Like a bar chart 、 Linear chart 、 Circular chart, etc .

18.Package info

This Flutter The plug-in is used to query information about the application package , Such as iOS Upper CFBundleVersion or Android Upper versionCode.

The plug-in provides information about the device ( brand 、 Model, etc ) Details of , And running the application Android or iOS edition .


This Flutter Plug ins are used to share through the platform UI To share the content , stay Android Upper use ACTION_SEND Intention , stay iOS Upper use UIActivityViewController.


dio The plug-in is Dart A powerful HTTP client , Support interceptor 、FormData、 Request cancellation 、 File download 、 Timeout etc. .

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