Changsha, I'm coming!

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It's eleven , Finally, I can celebrate my mother's birthday . How are the buddies in the official account arranged? ?

Xiaohui plans to spend half a month , Have a good tour of Hunan .

Why Hunan Province ? Because Xiaohui has been longing for Hengshan 、 Shaoshan 、 zhangjiajie 、 Famous scenic spots like Yueyang Tower , At the same time, Hunan Province is the ancestral home of Xiaohui's mother , Xiao Hui hopes to worship his ancestors , Fulfill your mother's dream .

A few days ago , Xiao Hui arrived at the first stop of his trip to Hunan , Changsha .

Changsha , Not just stinky tofu , There is more history here 、 Culture and great men .

As of today , Xiao Hui has spent three full days in Changsha .

Where did Xiao Hui go ?

Orange Island


Orange Island needless to say , It is almost the most important landmark of Changsha , Not one of them. .

Independent autumn cold ( But October in Changsha is so hot ), Xiangjiang river north to , J head ~~

Grandpa Mao's famous poems , We all recited the whole text when we were students .

Yuelu Mountain


Yuelu Mountain , There are not many beautiful scenery , But at the foot of the mountain Yuelu Academy , But it is world famous .

For one thousand years , There have been many great figures in Yuelu Academy , Like Zeng Guofan , For example, Hu Linyi , For example, Zuo Zongtang ......

Today, Hunan Province 985 Colleges and universities Hunan University , It is also closely related to Yuelu Academy in history .

Van Gogh starry sky Art Museum


I went to the historical and cultural scenic spots on the mountain , Xiaohui also punched in several grounded net red scenic spots , Like the van Gogh starry sky Art Museum .

The van Gogh starry sky art museum is located in many big cities , Xiao Hui also visited Wangfujing in Beijing before . But I have to say , It's in the art museum here in Changsha , The design is more careless .

Changsha wenheyou


Wenheyou is a catering brand , But he has originality in culture and creation , Trying to create a retro scene , Arouse the feelings and resonance of tourists and local people .

among , The operation of Changsha wenheyou is particularly successful , With a full six story three-dimensional scene , build 80 Changsha old community in the S , It is definitely the holy land of network red punch in Changsha .

Okay , These are the main scenic spots Xiao Hui has visited in recent days . Hunan Province is very big , Xiao Hui will leave Changsha soon , To feel more scenery and culture .

I wonder how many readers have been to Hunan ? Welcome to leave a message about your experience , You are also welcome to talk about your holiday arrangements .

Last , Happy birthday to my mother , I also wish you a happy holiday !

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