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Photography starts with mobile phones - Catalog

1. Mobile phone is the best photo introduction tool 2. The difference between mobile phone and SLR camera

  1. What is a good photo
    4. On the art of photography
    5. Key factors affecting mobile phone photos
    6. The basic theory of exposure
    7. Understanding photographic composition
    8. Master the composition of portrait photography
    9. Scenery composition actual combat

Everyone with a camera must want to take good photos . But , What is the standard of good photos ? How on earth can we take good photos ? Many people can't give a definite answer .《 New York photography textbook 》 It tells us three basic principles of good photos :

1. A good photo should have a distinct theme . Or represent a person , Or represent a thing . The theme should be clear , So that any viewer can see it at a glance .1. A good picture must draw attention to the subject .1. A good picture must be concise , Only the content that is conducive to directing the line of sight to the subject .

Just think according to these three basic principles , You will find that your photography life is beginning to change .

One 、 Have a distinct theme

The theme is the soul of photography , It is the core that the photographer presents to the audience through the picture . Whether the photo has a theme , Or whether its theme is meaningful is the key to judge the value of photography . In this regard, it should be borne in mind that photography is the art of subtraction , There are too many things irrelevant to the theme in the picture , Will dilute the theme , Just like the soup mixed with water is not delicious .

This is a simple photo , But it allows you to focus on the subject at a glance —— A graceful dancer .

Dancers near the Eiffel Tower

The author used a large aperture lens to shoot , Focus on the ballerina who jumps up , The large aperture brings a shallower depth of field , Blurred the distant traffic and buildings . It can be seen from the vague background , This was taken near the Eiffel Tower , At the same time, it also sets off the main body in the photo —— A ballerina , Let the viewer focus on her . A good photograph , The subject it wants to show or express , It should be clear to the reader .

Park Portrait

In the picture above , The author's theme should be to show this beautiful girl , But because I didn't choose a good shooting scene and angle , The crooked branches occupy the whole picture , And in front of the portrait , In addition, evergreen plants and sparkling water in the background , It's also grabbing the audience's attention .

Crape myrtle portrait

In the picture above , The focus of the lens is on the characters , The foreground occupies the upper left corner of the photo , Explain the shooting scene , And the flowers the characters are enjoying . The photographer uses a telephoto lens and a large aperture , Blur the background , Set off the main character . The characters are arranged in the middle of the picture , Firmly lock the audience's eyes , The red flowers are just in the sight of the characters , When the audience noticed the red flowers , Will return to the characters . The subject of this photo is clear , The composition is reasonable , So it's a good picture .

Truly outstanding photography has a higher level . An excellent work should not only clearly show the subject , But also to express a universal theme . It's not easy to achieve this goal , This is also the difference between a good photo and a masterpiece .

1984 year 12 Month photographer Steve · Mclary took famous photos in Pakistani refugee camps 《 Afghan girl 》. The girl's name in the picture is gulacai 12 year , Her appearance is impressive . This picture also became 《 National geographic 》 One of the most famous cover photos in magazine history .

Afghan girl Steve · Photo by mckerry

Two 、 Focus on the subject

Generally speaking , To convey the theme of the photo , There should be an interesting main subject . Such a subject can be someone , It can also be something , Or a group of people or things .

Business people

This is a group of business people with straight suits , Pull up your trouser legs in unison , Colorful socks . Inside serious clothes , It's a funny childlike heart . Neat and uniform dark clothes and colorful socks , It's a sharp contrast , Impressive .

Laundry room

A housewife washing clothes , I don't know why , Almost all of them got into the washing machine , People can't help thinking , What is she looking for ? Is the washing machine too deep , And I can't take out my clothes ? This rare scene , It feels very interesting .

A dog playing a musical instrument

The dog in the picture , Holding a musical instrument , Playing attentively , Look at its look , Seems very engaged , And enjoy the moment .

Street pat

Elliott Is a photographer who is good at observation , He shoots all ordinary scenes , But caught the most interesting moment . Life is full of fun , You don't have to go far to shoot wonderful works , A good work may be in your yard .

Good photos are not only interesting , If it contains rich emotions or stories , If it brings people the enjoyment of beauty , If you move or move the audience , Let the audience have emotional resonance , It's also a good picture .

African sunset

Sunrise by the lake

The point of shooting is to get the story , And the best way to get a story is to touch people , Everyone has a different story , Before pressing the shutter , It's more important to know what you're shooting , What does your work contain .

The children

3、 ... and 、 Photography is subtractive art

Art is additive art , On a piece of white paper , An object 、 An object is added with a brush , So it's called the art of addition . Photography is subtractive art , In the messy scenery , Subtract the extra objects by photography , So it's called subtraction art . Art is drawing an object or character with a pen , Show his good things bit by bit . And photography is through the lens , Cut out the bad things, and don't make them empty to highlight the subject , Show his or her most beautiful and artistic side .

The streets

This is an art law recognized by countless Photographers . The reason is actually to make the picture concise , In order to highlight the main body , Show the theme of the picture . Simplicity does not mean simplicity , Even if there are many elements , As long as you pass the appropriate 、 Arrange reasonably , You can also get a concise picture 、 The effect of subject prominence .

Lonely tree

Why photography is subtraction ? Because the picture is two-dimensional . When displayed on a computer or mobile phone , The viewer can only see one side . So in order to make it easier for people who enjoy photos to see the theme at a glance . We need to subtract what we don't need , Redundant people, complex backgrounds, etc . Express what you want to express , Let others see more intuitively .

Simple lines 、 inverted reflection in water 、 Shadow can become the material of simple composition , Such a picture makes people see what it is at a glance , Don't think too much . Easily accepted by the brain , If such pictures have rich themes, they will remind people of where you took them 、 Environmental Science 、 Around, etc .

Architecture and men

The reason why large aperture is liked by many people , Because it can help you instantly void the background . After weakening the background, only your focus is clear , What this does is to separate the character from the background . People who look at photos can only see clear places, and the blurred background will be taken by one eye . however , I'm tired of seeing too many photos like this , In the photography circle, photos of this style are called “ Sugar water portrait ”.

The girl by the lake

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