Lonely stage - September 8

Mobile photography can't stop 2021-10-14 06:43:50

writing / Falling flowers and rain

        Go out on business , Near the photo Music Bridge , Waves of melodious melody , Stepping on the autumn wind blowing into my ears .

      out of curiosity , Look around , Under the bridge , Next to a tool car , A middle-aged man is playing a song with a saxophone “ Late love ”. This familiar song , There is a touch of sadness and regret in deep feeling . It makes people feel sad and helpless . Prosperous city , Autumn is getting darker , Heavy traffic on the street , In a hurry . He , Like a lonely musician , In the city “ On stage ” Performing their own dreams and wonderful . The soft and beautiful voice echoed over the city .

    A wandering performance , Not only attracted my eyes , It also pleases my heart . Warm applause quietly rang out at the bottom of my heart .....

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