Provectus / Kafka UI: open source Apache Kafka's Web GUI Graphical interface management tool

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UI for Apache Kafka Is a free open source Web UI, For monitoring and managing Apache Kafka colony .

Apache Kafka Of UI It's a simple tool , It makes your data flow observable , Help find and solve problems faster and provide the best performance . Its lightweight dashboard can easily track Kafka Key indicators of the cluster - agent 、 The theme 、 Partition 、 Production and consumption .

Just a few simple commands can be used to Apache Kafka Set up UI, Visualize your... In an easy to understand way Kafka data . You can run the tool locally or in the cloud .


  • Multi cluster management — Monitor and manage all your clusters in one place
  • Use Metrics Dashboard Performance monitoring — Use lightweight dashboards to track key Kafka indicators
  • see Kafka Brokers — View topics and section assignments 、 Controller status
  • see Kafka The theme — View partition count 、 Copy status and custom configuration
  • Check out the consumer groups — Check the parking offset of each zone 、 Combination and lag per partition
  • Browse the news — Use JSON、 Plain text and Avro Encoded browsing message
  • Dynamic theme configuration — Use dynamic configuration to create and configure new themes
  • Configurable authentication — Use optional Github/Gitlab/Google OAuth 2.0 Protect your installation

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