I worked in a big factory and earned 1 million in two years

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At eight in the evening , It's getting dark , An office building in Haidian District of Beijing is still brightly lit .

Chen Jiamin, an algorithm engineer, has finished the work at hand , But he had no intention of going home . Look at the slightly hot mobile phone and computer , He opened the background of WeChat official account. , I started my own “ an income-earning sideline ”—— push .

The so-called internal push , It means to pass on your resume to... Through internal employee recommendation HR Or recruitment means of department head , You can usually avoid sinking into the sea , No information .

Popular point , Employees of large factories help them recruit talents .

On the face of it , This is a unique benefit for employees of Internet companies , but Essentially , But it reveals that the company hopes to cultivate its own headhunters , Ambition to dig people from the market .


in order to 7 Ten thousand yuan reward , Dug through the people around me

Just like people who push inside , Chen Jiamin is also from the circle of friends 、 Wechat group and other channels ,“ In order to gather enough people , I dug up the people around me .” Chen Jiamin said .

2019 Beginning of the year , Chen Jiamin, who has just passed the probation period , Received an email from the company to internal employees , The email said : Push inward to reach the specified number of people , Can be obtained 7 Ten thousand yuan in cash .

Look at the contents of the email , Chen Jiamin hasn't closed the page for a long time . Driven by high bonuses , Chen Jiamin is excited .

Fixed thinking of internal push among acquaintances , Imprisons the development space of internal promotion . Before Chen Jiamin pushed inward , In fact, no one attaches importance to this “ Part-time job HR” Work , But this does not prevent the company from using high rewards “ Temptation ” staff , Take the initiative to “ Fishing for people ” The job of .

The company has very long tentacles , Like finance 、 Real estate 、 Automobile and other businesses , All need a lot of talents , by comparison , Chen Jiamin's acquaintance base is too small , Not enough to meet the need to win awards . reasoning , He felt that the inward boundary needed to be expanded .

From internal push group construction to various school Forums 、 Niuke post , Chen Jiamin uses all the channels he can think of to recruit people . To increase traffic , He mingled with various recruitment groups from time to time , Drain people into their own community , For this reason, it has been deleted many times by the group leader .

2019 year 5 month , Chen Jiamin began to try “ Push in bear ” official account , Release recruitment information of some companies 、 Job experience and some job search skills , At the same time, some additional micro signals will be opened to reply to messages . From then on , Usually play games after work “ Madman ” Pushed in “ Talent show" ” Instead, , One day 24 Hours , In addition to the work , It's push in .

“ The official account was then. , Mainly because too many people ask the same question , for instance ‘ How many can you throw ’‘ How to vote ’‘ Where should I check the progress ’ wait , I would like to synchronize with the official account. , You'll know when you see it .”

To Chen Jiamin's surprise , Because the rise of the push official account , The push in mode introduced by acquaintances was completely broken , New track for unfamiliar job seekers opening up channels , It has infiltrated into major Internet factories .

Every once in a while , The company will post the internal promotion results list for publicity , So many people know Chen Jiamin . Leaders will also invite him to share with other departments , Give him urgent positions at the same time and ask him to help recruit people . The company has more than 100000 employees , He does push files 1.5 Ten thousand people circulation .

This makes Chen Jiamin suddenly become a celebrity of the Internet factory .6 month , Because cumulative recommendations 58 Intern induction , Chen Jiamin became the top of the lightning push list , Make a small profit 12 Ten thousand yuan . And in the past two and a half years , Chen Jiamin has finished “ Thousands of people cut off ” The goal of , Ranking first in the push report card , The number of internal push is several times more than the second place .


“ School recruitment non-technical induction 、 The technical induction bonus is not much .” But school recruitment and Practice , Most of Chen Jiamin ‘ Source of tourists ’.“ I recommend that the highest bonus for successful entry is only 7500 element , Employees in the company will choose to find headhunters or familiar people to recommend , Not many have found me .”

Two years of push in rewards , Chen Jiamin received about one million , But this part of the bonus also needs tax deduction , So there's a lot less .

Really occupy Chen Jiamin's time , Yes, hundreds of people come to him every day to answer questions and solve doubts , There are some strange people among them .

For example, someone asked him to help find someone ,“ My husband was optimized by tmall before , Please help me see if my husband has joined the job , He found Xiao San , I don't know about him ……”

There are also lonely foreign students who talk to him every day ,“ I failed to apply for a job abroad again , Ah , I'll tell you about my day ……”

And parents looking for jobs for their children ,“ Hard work, you help my son do an internal push , I'll send you his major and information .” I'm afraid Chen Jiamin didn't see it , Some parents even in the morning 6 I called Chen Jiamin at o'clock . But actually , They also don't know the details of children's abilities , Can only always emphasize that the child's performance is excellent .

Regarding this , Chen Jiamin is also very helpless besides lamenting the poor parents all over the world , He's pushing inside , But he is only a worker in a big factory , It's not omnipotent .


Why do big factories need internal promotion

Over the past decade , It is a golden period for the rapid expansion of the Internet industry , The demand for talents is increasing day by day . For Internet manufacturers , Not only give their employees generous treatment , They also set their eyes on the employees “ Circle of friends ”.

Excellent employees , He has proved himself in the post of a big factory , Know the company , And know the people around you , Objectively undertaken a certain amount of responsibility “ Recite ” function .

In recent years , The Internet's desire for talents has reached a peak , According to Liepin Global Career Development Center (GCDC) released 《2020 Fourth quarter HR Trend Report 》 Show , The proportion of internal promotion recruitment channels in Internet enterprises is 31.9%.

Big factories are scrambling to use real gold and silver to mobilize the enthusiasm of their employees . Media reports said , Foxconn Zhengzhou iDPBG The business group raised the bonus of internal recommended partners to RMB 5000 element .

Pulse occupational speech area anonymous netizens revealed , Byte jump push successful enrollment level 2-2 Bonus 5000 element , If the first push in has additional 2500 element ; Well quickly K3 Level bonus 10000 element ; Ali p6-p8 Rank , The bonuses are 6000 element 、10000 element 、1.5 Ten thousand yuan .

Same employee , If it is recommended by headhunters , Generally, headhunting expenses will be calculated according to the proportion of employees' annual salary . Generally, it will not be lower than the annual salary before tax 20%, Some urgent positions can even reach 30%.

The state , An Ali P7 Employees of rank , If you go headhunting , The headhunting fee is at least 100000 . In case of internal promotion , Only pay to employees 1 RMB 10000 push bonus .

For big factories , Employees of the same level , The more you push, the better .


For employees who are interested in internal promotion , Once the business runs smoothly , It becomes the left hand “ Well paid ”, one 's right hand “ Make a friend ”.

The first bonus Yangfan got through this sideline , It's pushing a girl to the glory of the king , Because it's an urgent job , It only took more than a month to complete all the processes . Girl entry 2 More than months later , Yangfan got a small 10000 push reward , I immediately invited my boyfriend to a big meal .

And the girl naturally became a contact in Yangfan company , They often chat about some company gossip online , Sailing can also grasp the company's dynamics at the first time .

More than half a year , Take into account the money already obtained and the bonus that will be obtained later 、 Tourism reward , Sailing probably won 10 Ten thousand yuan or so . But she was only moderately satisfied with the salary , Not much , Because she thinks it's more like a “ Use love to generate electricity ” Things about .

The added value brought by pushing inward is far more meaningful than money . Before you start pushing in , When you are in operation, you are basically friends and colleagues , Stanford is now in the address book 、 Berkeley 、 The north of the Qing Dynasty was reunited 、 Talented students from top universities such as the University of California ; Huawei 、 byte 、 Ali 、 Investment bank 、 Talents of top four companies ; And the director 、 Investment manager , The auditor 、 The lawyer 、 airline stewardess 、 Professional E-sports player 、 People from all walks of life, such as the police .

And these talents , It's not just “ lie ” In Yangfan's address book , The nature of sailing will involve a lot of cooperation , Now she basically has people she knows in major companies , It's convenient to connect , For example, someone who pushed inside helped her get through CCTV 、 Microblogging 、 Network police and other activities .

“ It's like opening a moonlight treasure box , There are a lot of excellent people in various industries , Come to me . More and more people come into contact , To the world 、 in personam 、 The knowledge of things is richer , It's probably better to travel ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books , It's better to read countless people than to travel thousands of miles .” Sail theory .


Raised the recruitment threshold , It also scares its own employees

Actually , Whether it's the Internet byte Kwai's push push 、 Jingdong's salary increase and retention , Or Xiaomi's shares , Only one reason : There is a big talent gap on the Internet , Uncontrollable liquidity .

It's just , Although companies want to seize talents through internal promotion , However, most employees of large Internet companies are not cold about internal push .

Many employees to 《 Phoenix WEEKLY Finance and economics, 》 The reporter reflected , The difficulty of push in is not low .

In the Internet factory , Pushing in doesn't mean going through the back door , Also has its own red line . Internal employees of the Company expressly prohibit collecting recommendation fees from job seekers , No one dares to say “ Internal push insurance enrollment ” This kind of words , Some people leave messages wherever they can find new people in order to attract business , Half of the entry success bonus , But even so , Few people come to the door .

“ Our side is , After successful recommendation of ordinary positions , After the probation period, you can get a reward of 3000 yuan , There will be more bonuses for management above the recommended manager level .” Yang Jian, a technical employee working in a foreign Internet company, said .

In Yang Jian's company , Few people are willing to devote their energy to this sideline .“ All the internal promotion positions are in our hands HR In our system , It will not be open to the outside world , Only people on the Intranet can enter if they have an account . Although the company has strength , But not enough fame and attention , Few people come to us to push .”

The employees of large factories recruit talents , It's not as easy as you think . Like tencent 、 Old big companies such as NetEase have passed the peak of expansion , There are not as many jobs as large factories with rapid development , There are fewer people who can match .

Li Qi of Netease has tried to send several messages “ Push inside to find me ” 's post , But because there are not many positions 、 Poor publicity and other reasons , No one at all , I won't do it for a long time .“ Although there's a lot of money , However, it is more important to use these time to improve business capability .” Li Qi said .


The second difficulty faced by large factory employees is , Endure a very low success rate of push in .

“ You don't have to vote if you shout , Not necessarily , You may not have met , Not necessarily after . This set of operation comes down , May have worked hard for a long time, many students , Answered a lot of questions , But there's no bonus . That's why many employees are internal pushers , Push, push, there's no passion .” Chen Jiamin said .

From the results of sailing , Tencent is basically one in a hundred . She did push in half a year , help 1000 Many people pushed inside , Most of the people who push inside are 8 Level and 9 level , Design 、 product 、 operating 、 market 、 There are all technical posts , But so far offer There are only a dozen of them . Sail theory ,“ The low success rate will affect the enthusiasm of employees to do this .”

This year, 3-4 month , It took two months to set sail “ No hard work ”, No one has been successfully recruited , She was even a little discouraged .

Sail remember , She pushed a resume before. It was a bachelor's degree in Peking University + Stanford master + People working in overseas investment banks , I thought it was a foregone conclusion , It was brushed in the resume round , Instead, seconds later, a person with only three sentences of work experience on his resume , She can't figure it out HR What kind of person are you looking for .

The last difficulty faced by internal push , It's a long bonus waiting period . Some companies set up employees' post employment 2-3 Months , Or after half a year's probation period , Will pay the push bonus , In terms of the rapid development momentum of Internet enterprises , Changes that can occur within half a year , It's hard to predict .

“ Our company , Business restructuring , A few days ago, a department was laid off , What an embarrassment if someone comes and I leave .” Yang Jian said .

Internet companies are highly hungry for talents , There's a lot of demand , Liquidity is also large , People keep coming , And people keep walking . however , For high-end talents , No matter which house is short .

How to find high-quality talents , It is also the bottleneck of pushing Chen Jiamin . For already working 5-10 Senior management in , Job hopping will seek advice from familiar people or professional headhunters .“ If I knew these managers , I must be the management .” Chen Jiamin joked .

The people inside want to lie flat , People outside want to come in , In every corner of the big factory , Including internal promotion channels , This iron law has never changed .

( Respondent's request , set sail 、 Yang Jian 、 Li Qi is a pseudonym )

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