When is the best time for engineers to choose job hopping?

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Let's talk about job hopping first . stay Java In the career of an engineer , Job hopping is something that almost every engineer will experience . But you need to think clearly before the interview : Should we change jobs now ?

class Resume {
public static void main(String args[]){
System.out.println("Talk is cheap! Show me your resume");

One 、 When should I change jobs ?

The interview is for job hopping , That means changing jobs . Should I change my job at this time , You can't just think about your money , We also have to consider our own development and environment . Click 3 Consider two dimensions :

1. Job compensation 2. Spiritual satisfaction 3. Capacity development

Generally, the satisfaction with the current job is measured according to the above dimensions , Then decide whether to change jobs now . The following is an example of what each dimension should consider .

Two 、 Job compensation

Job compensation , It's the money you get after working for a period of time . Like monthly salary 、 Hourly pay, etc , It will also include incentives such as stock options . This is the easiest to compare 、 Quantified . Income from work , Not just job pay , And networking resources 、 Business resources, experience and ability accumulation, etc . therefore . Bear in mind : You can't just compare your salary , This is unreasonable .

Whether to change jobs , In the following scenarios, we should focus on the work salary :

The salary goes upside down , for instance , It is found that most of the recruitment salaries of the school are higher than those of the old employees ; Or the company would rather spend more money on new employees , Even the same work experience , The salary of new employees is much higher than that of old employees ;

Internal salary increase is difficult , for instance , If I give you a raise alone , It will inevitably make other peer colleagues unbalanced , And collective salary increases are unrealistic and impossible .

Individuals need money , for instance , We are all ordinary people , You will face buying a house in a specific period 、 Buying a car 、 marry 、 Raise a baby, etc , So money to make a living . Now the salary can't be satisfied , Under the pressure of life , Why not choose a higher paying job ?

3、 ... and 、 Spiritual satisfaction

For job hopping , Ma Yunceng said : One 、 money , Didn't give it in place ; Two 、 heart , Wronged . here ,“ heart ” This means spiritual satisfaction . Spiritual satisfaction at work , Mainly the sense of achievement of getting the work results . But team culture 、 Teamwork and so on also have a great impact on spiritual satisfaction .

Spiritual satisfaction , It doesn't mean lying flat , It's not like fishing in the comfort zone and getting paid , This is not suitable for career development , Skills have not improved , Experience is not accumulated , Be eliminated sooner or later .

Whether to change jobs , The following scenarios should focus on the spiritual satisfaction of work salary :

A sense of accomplishment at work is equal to 0, for instance , It's easy to work , Rarely deal with unexpected situations , There are few challenges , You can work comfortably every day “ To cope with ” fall . Look at your state of mind , Most people still want to be more awesome , The best way is to find awesome people , Do more awesome things with this person .

Leadership is unreliable , for instance , Work and get along with leaders , Just like love . At first sight , Appreciate each other ; After a long time , Run in with each other ; It's longer , Mutual inclusion . Ask yourself if you often talk to leaders , In place with the same frequency ; Ask yourself if you can meet a reliable leader , And can achieve each other and so on . If you're wearing shoes 、 Disorderly command 、 Crazy pressure , Honor is leadership , The bad things are all yours , Working every day in this oppressive work environment , Why are you doing this every day “ abuse ” own , One word “ jump ”!

Be marginalized , for instance , The company engages in politics and gangs , It's not about working ability . Heart tired do not say , If you don't want to participate, you will be marginalized . for instance , I won't call you a meeting , The scope of responsibility is becoming narrower and narrower , Leaders don't often communicate with you , Even if you arrange work , It's obviously perfunctory . Instead of others dismissing you , It's better to leave with dignity .

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Four 、 Capacity development

Considering the current situation , Define your career path first , Think about the future 2-3 What is the direction of the year . for instance ,

  1. The direction can be entrepreneurship
  2. The direction can be technical experts P7 P8 Go up

There is this direction , Assess your abilities . Generally, the second rule is , So whether to change jobs , The following scenarios should focus on the ability development to meet the requirements :

  • Hard power , Technology has not grown
  • Soft power , communicate 、 Management, etc

5、 ... and 、 Summary

Job hopping is nothing more than assessing risks and benefits , Let's think clearly about the income and effort of the work . I wish you all the best ~

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