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one side ( Base surface : about 60 minute )

  1. Self introduction.
  2. The judgment of the equality of objects ,equals Method realization .Hashcode The role of , And equal What's the difference? ?
  3. Java in CAS Algorithm ?
  4. G1 Let's talk about the recycler ?
  5. HashMap,ConcurrentHashMap And LinkedHashMap The difference between
  6. How to use in multithreading environment Map,ConcurrentHashMap principle ,ConcurrentHashMap How to lock .
  7. Synchronous implementation of multithread concurrency , There are two ways , There's one in each method a Partial codes and b Part of the code , I want two threads to execute two methods separately , And let them run it a Part of the code goes down together , How to achieve .
  8. TCP Three handshakes and four waves in the connection , The last of the four waves ack What is the role of , Why time wait, Why 2msl.
  9. aio,nio,bio Understanding
  10. ReetrantLock and synchronized The difference between .
  11. Java What are the implementation of pessimistic lock ?
  12. Java Which classes implement optimistic locking ?

Two sides ( On the other hand, I'll catch multithreading and ask )

  1. What are the parameters of thread pool ? What's the use of each ? If the number of tasks exceeds the number of core threads , What's going to happen ? What is the size of the blocking queue ?
  2. Database connection pool , The bottom implementation says
  3. hashset Underlying implementation ,hashmap Of put The operation process
  4. say something HaspMap Underlying principle ? Besides, it's related to HaspTable and ConcurrentHashMap The similarities and differences between them ?
  5. say something B+ Trees and B The difference between trees , Advantages and disadvantages ?
  6. Algorithm problem , Merge and sort a linked list , The linked list may have rings
  7. How to implement a thread safe counter ?
  8. Atomic classes AtomicInteger What is the principle of implementation ? Compare with the counter you designed ?CAS How to realize atomic operation ?
  9. Java What's wrong with the lock in the ?synchronized And Lock The difference between ? How to realize fair lock and unfair bottom layer ?AQS Introduce the principle in detail ?
  10. How do you usually tune in a project JVM What about ?
  11. The way GC Well , When to proceed Full GC Well ?
  12. What collectors do you know about ?CMS and G1. Talk about it in detail G1 The advantages of

On three sides (Redis and mysql We should also master , Interview is also a must **)**

  1. Know what sort algorithms , Talk about complexity
  2. Hand tearing, merging and sorting
  3. Redis What are the data structures ? What are the underlying codes ? What different codes are used for ordered lists ?
  4. redis Of hash How many elements can a data structure store at most
  5. How to realize RPC?
  6. mysql Default storage engine ?MyISAM、InnoDB、MEMORY The difference between
  7. What is unreal reading , How to solve
  8. What is the transaction isolation level ? By what ? What problems have been solved respectively ?
  9. Usage scenarios of optimistic lock and pessimistic lock

Four sides ( There are more technical questions here Distributed architecture ?dubbo spring cloudKafka database

  1. Introduce the projects that will help you most in your technical ability , Focus on architecture design ideas
  2. Distributed, globally unique ID How to achieve ?
  3. dubbo How producers publish Services , Registration service , How consumers invoke services ?
  4. dubbo What are the load balancing strategies ? Let's talk about consistency hash in detail ?
  5. Distributed session How to achieve it
  6. Microservice your understanding ? And common microservice solutions dubbo、spring cloud Comparison ?
  7. Kafka How to ensure data reliability ?
  8. How to solve the data consistency of master-slave synchronization in database ? The advantages and disadvantages of technical solutions are compared ?
  9. Do you know how to implement distributed locks ? What are the mainstream solutions ?
  10. Spring Two characteristics ?AOP and IOC
  11. Spring The initialization process ?Spring bean Life cycle of ?
  12. Multiple RPC Please come in , How does the server handle concurrency ?

HR Noodles ( See following )

Routine problems

What kind of setbacks

This kind of question mainly inspects whether the interviewer can persist in meeting difficulties , And we can see his ability to solve problems .

It can simply describe setbacks , And explain how you can overcome , What are the final results .

Occupation planning

Show your determination to , First of all, I'm not going to continue my studies , It's time to get a job . Then say that I will not change industries in a short period of time , Or change jobs , I like , I hope I can stick to my interest for several years and plan again .

What do you know about Ali

This is a simpler answer , Just boast .

Are there any worshippers

I said James Harden ,hr My little sister laughed . I can say something about this IT Daniel .

Where do you want to work

This is the city where the company is located .

Other questions

What are your hobbies , Do you have anyone who can take it to the stage to perform Something deep in memory


Although I often laugh at myself , I'm going to be a takeout specialist in ten years , But in fact, we rely on our own efforts , It can reduce the anxiety after 35 years old , After all, there are not many good architects .

Architects , It's the career goal of most of our technical people , A good architect comes from opportunities ( company )、 Personal effort ( Eat bitterly 、 Willing to study )、 talent ( I really love it ) The result of the cooperation of the three parties , practice + Opportunity + Hard work can help you become a good architect .

If you also want to be a good architect , Then maybe this Java Growth notes You need to read , Hope to be helpful to your career development .

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