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The interview form is telephone interview , The algorithm is that the interviewer will send you a link to your email , Then you can synchronize and share the screen on that website , A website is like an editor , Can't compile , After writing the code, the interviewer will see , Communication is still done on the phone .

one side (1 Hours )

  • Overloading and rewriting

  • final Modifier

  • Abstract classes and interfaces

  • GC Mechanism 、 principle

  • finalize( ) The understanding of the

  • GC How does the mechanism determine which objects need to be recycled

  • GCRoots What are they?

  • Four quotations

  • Garbage collection algorithm

  • Hash Map And Hash table The difference between

  • How to let Hash map Thread safety

  • Thead Loocal Understand? ?

  • Several ways of thread synchronization

  • Locking and synchromized difference

  • Volatile Understand?

  • JVM Memory model

  • leakCanary Internal mechanism

  • Handler Internal mechanism

  • MNC And MVP The difference between , Take the login module as an example to talk about the work of each layer

  • EventBus Principle

  • Layout optimization include.merge,viewStub

  • view Drawing process of , Customize View

  • The difference of time distribution mechanism

  • JVM And Dalvik difference (Android virtual machine )

Two sides (50 minute )

  • Self introduction.

  • abstract and interface difference

  • int and Integer difference

  • Four quotations

  • Java Inside int、char、long Bytes of

  • How to create a thread

  • RxJava Advantages and disadvantages

  • EventBus(??? Can't )

  • Load a from the network 10M Pictures of the , What to consider

  • http And https

  • http 1.0 and http 2.0 The difference between

  • Design pattern criteria ( Forget it all )

  • Handler Mechanism

  • Algorithm : Judge whether a list is palindrome

  • Algorithm : Given an array , Move each bit in the array backward k position

On three sides (40 minute )

  • HashNlap And Hashtable The difference between

  • Hashtable How to achieve thread safety , Low efficiency . Why? ?

  • Android The way thread pool communicates

  • TCP Three handshakes

  • Several cases of memory leaks

  • Priority of the process

  • Why do non static inner classes hold references to outer classes

  • stay JVM Of non static inner classes ,class Is it alone or in an external class class in ? Internal class class The file named “ External class ¥ Inner class .class”

  • Activity Boot mode

  • Activity Start process

  • Handler Mechanism ? Why is there a memory leak ?

  • MVP How did it happen

  • Glide principle ? How to implement caching

Interview experience

1. How to answer the algorithm problem

The interviewer may ask about algorithms you've never heard of , You shouldn't think for yourself at this time , Instead, discuss the problem with the interviewer first . Need to know , Understanding complex problems through communication is also an ability , In the process of communicating with the interviewer , Not only can we find out what the title really means , You can also show your good communication skills . So don't waste this great opportunity because you are nervous or shy . Some topics are familiar , But I have no idea for the time being . At this time, you might as well tell the interviewer , Give me some time to think about this problem . Then don't rush , Don't panic , Just when he doesn't exist , Take out the paper and pen and count slowly ( This fully illustrates the importance of wearing headphones during the interview ). You must have a firm belief :“ Any slightly difficult algorithm problem , Unless you've done it , Otherwise, it must take time to think ”. therefore , Arrange your thinking time reasonably . If you can't think of it for more than ten minutes , You can just give up .

2. How to deal with problems that won't happen

This question may be deliberately vague by the interviewer , Test your communication skills , It may also be unintentional , Or there is a deviation in your way of understanding . No matter which of the above questions , You should talk to the interviewer first , Until you understand what the interviewer is going to ask you , Instead of saying a bunch of useless things according to your own understanding . for instance , The interviewer may ask an algorithm question :“ How to judge whether two infinite length linked lists have intersection points ?”. about “ Infinite length ” There can be different understandings , If there are really infinite nodes , Obviously, this problem can't be solved . But if the linked list only has rings , Then it can be solved . If the interviewer's intention is to link the list , But you misunderstood it as an infinite number of nodes , Then it will inevitably lead to the inability to answer this question . And it's not a lack of ability , It's a mistake in communication , That's what I want to share “ skill ”.

3. How to deal with problems that really won't happen

If you encounter a problem you won't admit it . If it's a basic problem , For example, ask you how to implement the hash table , You said no , Then the interview may be suspended . If it is a difficult problem , Then you admit you won't , It's also a wise move , After all, no one is perfect , A problem can't completely deny a person's ability .

4. State of mind

Be sure to control your attitude during the interview , A good attitude is often easier to get offer.

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